How To Frame A Sports Jersey You Are Proud Of?

sports jersey frame

There is no single piece of sports history better shows the drive for passion and team dedication than the jersey uniform. The colour of the jersey connects fans to their preferred team. In addition to this, Fans are connected to their best team. There is no need for keeping jerseys in the closet where they go unseen and unappreciated. The uniform should be historically kept and displayed proudly by their owners. Using sports jersey frames to frame your uniform is a complicated process.

  • Undertaking this procedure by yourself is not agreed upon:

So what process should a collector take into consideration when choosing a professional sports jersey frame? First, don’t seek help from all traditional art framers and art supply stores in Sydney. Most lack the experience needed to protect the value of the jersey. The inexperienced framers can even damage the jersey during the framing process. Jersey framing should only be made by experts experienced in working with collectables and archiving.

Below is a list of queries you should look for when finding a sports jersey framing company in Sydney:

  1. Layout and Folding: How are the jerseys folded? Is an iron used? Do the sleeves of the jersey and the jersey patches seen from a distance?
  2. Frame: What type of sport jersey frames are used? Is it flat or a shadow box? A shadowbox allows for more changes were things like balls, pictures, and other things can be used to create a three-dimensional display.
  3. Materials: Look for a seller who only uses high-quality wood, matting and mouldings, and acid-free archival backing. Options available for sport jersey frames should include UV-protective glass, suede, and outline matting.
  4. Mounting: It is achievable to mount a jersey to a backing to make sure that the jersey material does not come into close contact with any pins, staples, tape, or adhesives. This can be achievable by fitting the jersey around a foam core, which will keep its shape intact. The sports jersey’s core is attached to the frame backing and not the material of the uniform itself. Ask the seller you are choosing what style they use.
  • DIY Jersey Frames:

The above tips apply in specific to collectable jerseys that are probably signed or game-used in Sydney. Here is a step by step guide on doing it by yourself.

  1. Measure your jersey to make sure you choose the right sized frame. Most of the jerseys fit in either a 30″ x 36″ or 32″ x 40″ frame.
  2. Lay the jersey down on the backing board. 
  3. Fold the jersey and iron the jersey so that the player names, number, and sleeve patch logos are seen.
  4. Iron the uniform on the folds.
  5. Pin the jersey to the backing using stainless steel framing pins. Stainless steel pins are mostly used as they will not corrode or discolour. The pins will not damage the jersey fabric.

There are many ways in which you can frame your favourite jersey but here is just one way you can do it. You also asked help from a professional sports jersey framing agency from Sydney to guide you.