The Top Reasons To Install Ute Trays

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Do you want to go with the factory-set tub, or you want to install an aftermarket ute tray? This is a common question among Ute owners, but is there any specific correct answer? 

Some will say that factory-installed tubs are enough, while others will not be able to survive without custom Ute trays in Sydney. So, what is the perfect choice for your Ute needs? 

To get the best answer, you need to consider some of the benefits that Ute trays offer. Listed here are the top five advantages.  

  • Customisability

With a factory-set tub, you need to be satisfied with whatever option the manufacturer has offered. In other words, they come with less or almost no customisation option. That is not the scenario with aluminium Ute trays. You can select the required specifications like finish, material, size, and colour. 

You might require a hard-aluminium tray if you are a tradesman. If you want some additional tailor-made style, you can choose a cab-matching tray or a glossy finish. 

  • Accessories and options

An aftermarket Ute tray will allow you to mix and match accessories, which might not be available with a factory-made tub. For instance, both tubs and trays accommodate ladder racks and lockable toolboxes. But Ute trays in Sydney, come with additional options like slide-out drawers, removable or double-height side rails. 

  • Durability

Aluminium Ute trays have gained immense popularity among tradies. That makes it clear that these aftermarket trays come with the ability to withstand daily wear and tear. If properly installed, these high-quality Ute trays can last through the entire lifetime of your vehicle. 

  • Improved capacity

The factory-made tubs generally tend to reduce cargo capacity. For example, the wheel wells sometimes make it difficult to carry large equipment. The Ute trays, on the other hand, are specially designed to transport tools, boxes, and kits from one place to another. Loading and unloading become easy if your vehicle has the removable side rails. Without the side rails, the tray acts like a flatbed that enables you to load big appliances that might not fit otherwise. 

  • Enhancing your vehicle’s aesthetic

No doubt, every tradie wants to offer a professional look to the vehicle and increase legitimacy to the business. Having a Ute tray installed serves both the purposes. It can also serve as advertisement space. Customers will grant you as more than just a truck driver and will show more interest in your business.  You will also gain more trust as you appear at the job site. 

Moreover, adding a tray will offer a complete makeover to your old truck. You can remove the old corroding tub and install a new aluminium tray to provide a new-look for your vehicle. If your car is damaged, adding Ute trays in Sydney will act as the best solution. 

Last, but not least

If you are using your vehicle for work, then adding a Ute tray might qualify you for a tax write-off. You need to consult with your local authority to avail the same.