Everything You Need To Know About Receiving Employment Pass In Singapore

Immigration Services in Singapore

The employee pass issued by Singapore is a form of renewable work visa. It provides an opportunity for the workers and professionals hailing from foreign countries to immigrate to Singapore to work. The amazing aspect of this desirable pass is that unlike the other gateways into the country, the processing time of the employment passes in Singapore is very swift. But one should not underestimate the preparation required to make the pass as every one of it is judged and marked with utmost precision and scrutiny. There is no one “golden formula” to make your application the best, but there are certain invaluable additions that have proven with time to be an eye-catcher.


How Long Does It Take To Receive The Employment Pass In Singapore?

If the application is submitted through an online medium, rest assured, the form will be reviewed and processed within a set three weeks. Within the stipulated time, the applicant will receive an outcome notification sent by the designated authorities. This time period is predicted to vary in the situation wherein, more information is required from the different economic agencies. 

Another instance in which this set time can differ is during the peak economic rush hours, during which the processing time can extend from two weeks to three months. The timeframe drawn for the overall processing is as below;

  1. Initial Application: This step will take up to three weeks to fruition
  2. Additional Documents: If in the instance extra documents are required, the application will take yet another three weeks to process
  3. Appeal: The time to process an employment pass that got rejected and is resend as an appealing plea will take at least three weeks to get processed.  


Decoding The Timeline Of The Employment Processing Time In Singapore 

  • Before the submission of the employment pass application, you should ensure to legally incorporate your company. The time required for the Employment application pass can vary from a few days to weeks depending on whether you are in Singapore or out.
  • If the application is submitted online, Company requires to set up an online account with MOM, processing time around 1 – 2 weeks, before starting the processing formalities.
  • In case of hiring a professional to do the application process for you, the time required to provide the necessary information along with the important documents to complete the application procedure will take two or three days.


What happens once the pass is approved?

Even when the pass is approved, the formalities nor the overall processing time does not end as there are few other columns to be ticked as well. For instance, a medical examination is a key formality that the selected applicant has to undergo to post the fruition of the pass. Fingerprint registering is necessary as part of EP formalities, subject to the MOM’s request.

Everything You Need To Know About Receiving Employment Pass In Singapore
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Everything You Need To Know About Receiving Employment Pass In Singapore
Read on to know everything you need to know about receiving employment pass in Singapore.
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