Budget Bathroom Renovation Ideas

bathroom renovations

When homeowners start a new home renovation plan, whether, in the kitchen or basement or some unique budget bathroom renovations in Sydney, they often get a sticker shock. A budget renovation does not imply that you have to buy the cheapest products and hire inexperienced cheap labour. It merely indicates that you are a wise home renovation planner.

Once you take the following home improvement ideas to heart, you can trim the cost of creating a unique bathroom.   

Your plan of action matters

The first approach to follow is by drawing up a proper plan of action. You will level up your bathroom renovation cost and give rise to unwanted difficulties if you approach your bathroom renovation project with a flawed plan. The best decision is to hire an experienced expert who can identify significant problem areas and treat them immediately before becoming a severe problem.

If you are a DIY enthusiast, then having a course of action for your renovation project is essential. You should keep an eye on the major problem areas at the very first go. Make a list of the items you want to change like vanity, tile, shower, tub, etc. Here are some handy tips for planning budget bathroom renovations in Sydney

  • Tip 1- creative colour scheme

The easiest and the least expensive way of upgrading your bathroom is by adding new wall tiles, wallpaper, and painting. You can try out any of these or combine them to offer a unique and fresh look to your bathroom. The most common colours seen in bathrooms are typical ‘drab’ colours or an uninteresting white colour. So, do you want your bathroom to look the same as in fast food restrooms or the shopping mall? 

Try to make your bathroom reflect your personality by choosing the colour scheme that you choose. Soft tones like earth tones or pastel colours can create a spectacular change to your new budget bathroom. 

  • Tip 2- unique vanity choices

The vanity acts as the central point of many ordinary bathrooms. Nearly all main bathrooms and master baths have big sized vanities with abundant countertop and storage space. Generally, you will spot a small vanity in a ½ bathroom and ¾ bathrooms. If storage does not play an essential role in your budget bathroom, you can install a pedestal sink. That will create more floor space and make the room more expensive. 

  • Tip 3- flooring basics

Flooring is the most crucial aspect of any budget bathroom renovations in Sydney projects. Buying the cheapest material is a big no-no in this case. If you wish to spend a little extra money in some portion of your kitchen, the floors are the place to concentrate. The flooring is subjected to a lot of use and should be able to withstand moisture. Numerous amazing types of floor tiles are available both online and offline home improvement shops.  

Bottom line

Any budget bathroom renovations in Sydney will stand out among others by making some simple additions like pictures and paintings. You can also try out another easy improvement, like emphasizing the colour scheme or adding some custom moulding. Even on a tight budget, you can create a new bathroom with a custom feel.