Everything That You Need To Know About Outdoor Fabrics

outdoor fabrics

The requirement and demand for outdoor fabrics have evolved over a period of time. Gone are the days where we used to stay restricted to acrylics in tropical prints. And it is finally the time to bid farewell to rough and scratch cushions and enjoy luxurious and soft fabric cushions in the outdoor sitting places. 

Outdoor fabrics are woven textiles that are made from a variety of combinations of material like acrylic, blends of cotton, polyester, synthetic fibres, and linen. The proportion of these fabrics will decide the durability and longevity of outdoor fabrics in outdoor conditions. 

Most of the fabrics used for outdoor areas are made breathable with chemical procedures. Also, they are designed in a way that they don’t absorb the water, in fact they repel it, making them a good option for outdoor conditions. Moreover, they are made resistant to soiling, mould, mildew, and all types of water-based stains. 

Features of Outdoor Fabrics

You must have to be very careful while selecting the outdoor fabrics for the furniture you are willing to put outside your house. You obviously don’t want to ruin your beautiful outdoor sittings so you must look for fabrics that not only look gorgeous but are highly resistant to outdoor weather conditions like rain, snow, and extreme heat. However, some of the outdoor materials must include the below-mentioned features for an excellent performance.

  • Your outdoor fabric should not fade.
  • The outdoor fabric has to be weather resistant, obviously.
  • It should provide protection against mould and mildew. 
  • Needless to say, your outdoor fabrics have to be waterproof.
  • They should be resistant to stains so that you don’t have to worry about your kids playing, hoping and jumping around your outdoor sitting with a glass of juice.
  • The outdoor fabric has to be breathable.
  • If your outdoor fabrics allow you to clean them by washing by hand or in the machine at regular intervals, then it is a clear no-minder. 

Usually, people often misunderstand the concept of waterproof and water-resistant. Let us understand what the actual differences between both of them are. 

Materials and fabrics that claim to be waterproof just are impervious to water. Wherein the materials or fabrics that claim to be water-resistant simply repels the water. But it is important to note that water-resistant fabrics just have a water-resistant coating that will eventually wear out after regular washes or being exposed under heavy rains for a more extended period. 

Why Should You Select Woven Fabric?

Woven fabrics not only look absolutely gorgeous but are made highly durable as compared to materials made from absolute acrylics. Handwoven fabrics make an excellent choice for outdoor furniture that is exposed directly under the sun. Always select the fabric as per their resistance to fading. One of the most fantastic benefits of selecting woven outdoor fabrics is that it is super easy to clean and disguise the dirt and debris almost effortlessly. 

This article should have given you all the relevant and essential information related to outdoor fabrics that you must consider before making any decision of buying it for your serene outdoor sittings.