Why is Hiring Waterproofing Material Suppliers Important For Your Construction Work?

waterproofing materials

Hiring a waterproofing material supplier is a complicated task. It should be done very consciously, or all it takes is just one casualty to mess it all up. Waterproofing is essential because it protects your premises from the probable damages caused by water and moisture. 

Usually, contractors fail to accurately apply the membrane of waterproofing materials. And it is one of the most common mistakes that have been seen in the Australian building industry. Suppose you commit any error while coating the layer with waterproofing. In that case, you might have to pay a high cost in later life against the repairs of the damage done. 

Inappropriately applied waterproofing membrane may facilitate the growth of mildew and mold, concrete cancer, and water ingress over some time, which leads to degrade the integrity of the structure. 

Most people fail to select the right waterproofing supplier or contractor for their construction work, making them pay a high cost in the long run. Moreover, they also fail to choose the best waterproofing materials in terms of quality just to save a few bucks. Hence, it is incredibly crucial to select the best contractor and best in class quality waterproofing material supplier and supplies to get your waterproofing job done in the first go. You will never regret the amount of time invested in doing your calculations at the right time. 

I have prepared a list of factors that will surely help you through.

Selecting the Best Quality Products

This should be considered as the topmost priority when it comes to waterproofing your premises to keep it safe from damages caused by water. Products play a vital role in determining the durability and reliability of your work in the long run. Some products are cheap or inexpensive, but they may not be reliable. On the other hand, some products may be expensive but guarantee you a waterproofed premise that you don’t have to look after in the long run. However, there are many waterproofing solutions available in the market. But it is your job to select the best of them all after analyzing the needs and structural requirements of your premises. All good and reliable things come with a certification or accreditations from higher authorities. Your waterproofing supplies are no exception to that. It should be or exceed the essential requirement of AS 4654.1. It is also crucial to make sure that the membrane is suitable for the surface where it is intended to apply. 

One of the most characteristics that you should consider while buying waterproofing supplies is to check the products’ warranty. Usually, the guarantee on the work is for 10 years for most of the products. But suppose you decide upon a right waterproofing material supplier. In that case, he will also take the sole charge of the products and the laborers who will be going to apply it to your premises. 

You can also refer to our practical guide to choosing the right waterproofing supplies to help you out. 


The waterproofing material supplier from where you are seeking your products should be authorized by a committee to carry out the process of selling waterproofing and alike materials and services. However, the licensing requirements and procedures vary from place to place. Moreover, suppose you talk about the contractors. In that case, they should have completed a certificate level in construction waterproofing (CPC31411 or CPC31408), Course 8126 (TAFE or equivalent course). 

You can always ask your contractor whether he has completed many similar projects like yours so that you can see real-life samples of his work before deciding to move ahead with him.


Ensure your contractor is insured so that you are free from all the worries if any unfavorable or unforeseen circumstances arise. Your contractor’s contractors’ insurance should be covering three main types of covers.

  • The work cover provides the replacement of their wages and other medical benefits to the employees.
  • The public liability insurance protects the contractor against a lawsuit filed against him in case of death, loss or damage to the property, and injury.
  • The indemnity insurance protects them from the liability that may arise from misinterpretation or negligence at the worksite. 

Nonetheless, you should seek project quotations from at least 3 contractors to identify the best deal and value for your money. The same measure should be followed when it comes to deciding and finalizing the best waterproofing material suppliers. You can also refer to get the best waterproofing specifications from your contractors or material suppliers.