All That You Need To Know About In Sydney Building Plan

Sydney Water Building Plan Approvals

Whenever you start any residential work in Sydney, it is mandatory to get a tap-in approval from Sydney water. You can complete all aspects of the Sydney water building plan approvals online. Such a license enables Sydney water to check your plans to ensure that your building construction does not affect Sydney’s water infrastructure. 

If the water structure is not affected, you will get a tap-in approval. However, if your proposed site is within the area of influence of Sydney’s water infrastructure, then you will have to engage a water service coordinator. They will assess to figure out what measures you should address to allow Sydney Waters to approve your building plan.

Apart from these nuances, there are some other aspects too that you need to know about Sydney water building plan approvals. Read on to find out. 

Why do you need a building plan approval?

If you start landscaping, excavating, or building your project next to Sydney water’s asses, they must approve the plan before you start. If you do not apply for approval and get Sydney water’s consent before you begin any work, chances are there that they might:

  • Fine you for carrying out unauthorized work.
  • Claim any costs that they incur in the course of the unauthorized work. That will include restoring water pipes or any third-party claims.

What is the process of approval?

You need to use the Sydney water building plan approvals process to get the approval completed before you begin your work. The first and foremost step is to register your plan at Sydney Water Tap in. 

During the application process, the concerned authority will ask you some questions. Based on the information you provide; the administration will give you an idea of whether your building construction will affect or limit access to Sydney water assets. There can be two possible outcomes, such as:

  • The concerned authority will approve your plan without further questioning.
  • They will engage a Servicing Water Coordinator at your service for further assessment.

In the majority of cases, the coordinator will assess your property and approve your proposal. Sometimes they might need to refer the application to Sydney Water’s committee for review. This process is known as an ‘out of scope’ application. Once the approval process ends, you can show the approved plan to the certifier or consent authority. 

How long will the approval process take?

  • If your construction site does not affect Sydney’s water assets, they will offer you the approval within no time. The concerned authority will charge you a fee and send you an offer letter.
  • If they refer you to a coordinator, he will tell you an estimated time of getting a response from Sydney’s Water authority.  
  • If the coordinator refers to your application and is found to be an ‘out of the scope’ one, the application will get approved within 24 hours, provided it is not complicated. Such a process takes a longer time as one of the specialized engineers reviews your application.

Now that you know the Sydney water building plan approvals start applying for the same to form a hassle-free building development process.