Tips For Maintaining Timber Flooring Perfectly

Timber flooring Caringbah

It can be slightly trickier to preserve and maintain the timber flooring than most people tend to think. When doing any repair work on a wooden floor, the one thing that you need to be very careful about is that scratches and cracks will eventually lead to your floor being replaced. For an extended period, you can also make sure that your flooring is never damp. here are, therefore, ways in which you can maintain your timber flooring in Caringbah.

Vacuuming the Floor Each Week

On average every week, most individuals already vacuum their floor. However, you need to make sure you never use a spinning brush or a beater bar while vacuuming your floor, as this will scratch the top protective layer of the flooring. Alternatively, a much better way to clean a timber floor is to sweep the floor using a microfiber mop. This would help minimize the possibility of any bruises when someone walks on it that may be caused by mud and grit acting as an abrasive.

Keep Furniture Polish and Hairspray Away

Furniture polish and hairspray both happen to be very dangerous for timber floors. The reason is that the chemicals in them will fog the end of the floor and even chew through the floor’s protective coating in certain serious instances. Make sure to wash it using a clean, moist cloth as soon as possible if you spill hairspray or furniture polish. The non-ammonia-based window cleaning can be used to achieve a more comprehensive cleaning fluid.

Keep the Rain Out

As described above, the worst enemy of timber flooring is water and dampness in particular. Not only will it damage the finish of the floor, but it will also seep into the wood, creating an ugly stain. If you expect rain and have a leaky roof or a waterproof window, make sufficient arrangements to ensure that your floor is not reached by water. When it reaches, you can brush away water or cover the floor with a plastic mat.

Use a Non-Wax Based Cleaner.

In a cabinet or some other convenient place where they can be picked up easily, non-wax-based floor cleaners should always be kept handy. These can be used quickly to solve minor problems until they become gigantic. Using the solvent, debris and spills may be swept clean. Before they can cause scratches, this is the perfect way to remove sand and other gritty things from the surface.

How to Apply Waxes and Restorers

It is possible to rejuvenate wax finishes with wax cleaners, but wax should not be used on a polyurethane or shellac varnish finish. These are common timber floor finishes, so applying them here would make the floor very slippery and ruin the original finish even later. Special polish used for your specific finish should be used. If you are not sure of the finish, you can use a general-purpose restorer, but first, test the restorer on a small portion of the floor before applying it to the entire.

Following the above tips will help you keep your timber flooring in Caringbahfor a long time without needing any maintenance.