How To Choose The Perfect Caravan For Your Trip?

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One of the island countries that are ripe for exploring is Australia. This amazing country is filled with lush rolling hills, endless and stunning beaches, and dense rainforests that blocks out the sky. And the best way to go about on a trip around is to hire a comfortable caravan. Travelling around the country already takes a toll on your budget and on top of that spending on stay and food is something that would punch a hole in your pocket.

But thanks to the caravan as you will have a bed, kitchen, and storage in that back of your van. Is there a cost-effective way to travel compared to this? So how do you hire a caravan? If you don’t know we are here to help.

Renting a caravan

Renting a caravan is not rocket science. But if you are a newbie then there are certain things that you have to know before you sign the dotted line. No matter whether you are coming from overseas or interstate you book a caravan for going around the country. The process of hiring is usually easy.

What to look for in a caravan

When it comes to caravan hire there are tons of options out there and you have to be careful in choosing the one that you want. There are vans from no-frills to luxurious motorhomes. The cost per day differs based on the type of caravan that you choose. Though the price differs it is best to hire based on the amenities.

Sleeping berths: the number of sleeper berths differs from van to van. You have to decide based on how many people have to be accommodated in the caravan. Caravans usually accommodate three to five travellers. If you plan to travel with more members then go for a bigger van like a motorhome.

Transmission: is the caravan automatic or manual? Most of the companies have automatic options as it is widely popular. The new trend and easy to drive adds to the popularity of the automation. Book well in advance to get an automated transmission caravan.

2WD or 4WD: the 2 wheel drive is more common and popular in caravans. This suits the travellers who want to stay on the sealed roads. If you are on the adventurous side then you can go for 4WD caravans. Also, you can go for a camper trailer if you want to get on off-beat roads. The off-road caravans are not common and they also fall into the expensive category. The 4WD vehicles come with various rules and regulations.

Space and amenities: the caravans come in different layouts and sizes. The bigger the van higher will be the comfort. In some bigger vans, you will have options like a fridge and more.

Cost: the cost of the caravan hire depends on the type of caravan that you choose. It also depends on the time of the year that you are travelling.

Bottom line

Hire the finest caravan from an experienced caravan dealer and take a trip to explore the beauty of the island country.