A Complete Guide for Kitchen Planning and Renovations

Kitchens Renovation Ideas

Small kitchen renovations optimize the use of space and make your kitchen look more spacious when a few square meters are all you have for your kitchen space. Here are some essential points to look into when planning kitchen renovations in Northern Beaches.


The main thing to do if you want to keep costs down is to leave the kitchen’s footprint as it is. It is best to keep it as it is, whether your small kitchen is L-shaped, one-wall, or corridor / galley-style. Most likely, changing the footprint will include moving the plumbing or some electrical rewiring.

The latter’s cost will also not be justified, especially if your appliances are still within the capacity of your existing electrical system. Instead, within your current kitchen footprint, work on a better arrangement of your appliances and services.


Keep ergonomics as important as optimizing space when you renovate your kitchen layout. Whatever small kitchen renovation ideas you are considering, create it on the kitchen triangle, or how the oven/stove, sink, and fridge are organized as triangle points.

You are fortunate with a tiny kitchen, as this triangle is built inside. Getting this triangle means a better workflow as you can move with ease between these stages.

Replacing your sink with a smaller but deeper sink is one suggestion to increase workable space without disrupting the triangle. Make sure the stove/oven and sink are within a meter of each other. If your oven is separated from the stove, you can get this out of the triangle a bit if you do not bake regularly. 

Ensure that its door opens into the triangle, while the refrigerator is the least significant. Check out the exclusive combination of slimline fridge freezer models, which are thinner and taller and built for small kitchens, if you purchase a new one for your renovation.

Flooring and Countertops

Use optical illusions to create a roomy effect in your tiny kitchen with large floor tiles. Since the number of grout lines is smaller, wide tiles make the space look more comprehensive.

For countertops, ceramic tiles or laminate may be used to minimize costs. The designs currently available for laminate are better-looking rather than cheap-looking.

Durability and water-resistance are significant factors other than cost for both flooring and countertops.


The more cabinets you add in small kitchens, the smaller your workspace gets. Without having to install more cabinets, being innovative with storage ideas can fix your storage issues. Attach some hooks and rods for hanging pots, pans, and cooking utensils against a bare wall.

You can do away with cabinets as well and instead add open shelves. Have the shelves reach to the ceiling, making use of space that would collect dust otherwise.


Replace the paint with lighter colors for the ultimate touch in your kitchen renovation in Northern Beaches. Painting colors like white or light yellow will make your kitchen feel airy and spacious instantly.

Add splashes of brighter colors with some artwork, colorful plates, and tiny appliances to liven it up. Build a glossy mosaic backsplash for the burst of color if your budget allows.

Many kitchen designers are experts in making your design inspiration and plan come true. Always consult them for whatever plans and ideas you have for your small kitchen renovations in Northern Beaches.