What Are The Different Types Of Dunnage Used In Shipping?

dunnage in shipping

Dunnage is one of the most durable and safe padding materials that is used to keep the goods secured during shipping or transit processes. It comes in different forms depending on the requirements of the company. Starting right from the bubble wraps to solid industrial plastic, all types of dunnages are available in the market to satiate your requirements in the best possible way. With dunnages, you really don’t have to worry about any sort of damage to your contents or products. 

Why Is It So Popularly Used By Worldwide Shippers?

Dunnage in shipping is widely preferred by shippers across the globe because of its ultimate benefits. Dunnages help your products stay safe from adverse environmental conditions as well as during the transportation process. It helps the products stay in one place and restricts the unnecessary movements of the contents, protecting them from breaking up or getting soiled. It also absorbs shocks that come in handy with the shipping. 

Primarily there are three main benefits of using dunnages. And they are mentioned below. 

  • It undoubtedly protects your products from damages that may occur during the transit process. This is one of the cheapest yet durable ways to keep your products or contents safe. 
  • Moisture can harm the contents. If you are shipping your products to a place where it is too humid, then the probability of your products getting soiled is too high. Hence, proper dunnages can also keep your products safe from moisture seeping inside the boxes. 
  • Shock absorption is important throughout the shipping process. Because the shipping or courier people are not very friendly with your luggage or maybe the overall consignment, increasing the risk of damages beyond the repairable limit can even make your products go obsolete. 

What Are The Various Types Of Dunnages Available In The Market?

  1. Solid plastics – This type of dunnage is widely used for exporting industrial goods. Solid plastic dunnages in shipping provide a sturdy and most durable strength to the contents. 
  2. Bubble Wraps – needless to say, it is one of the most commonly used and preferred types of dunnages used to keep your products safe from in-transit damages. It is primarily used to ship fragile products like glass items or any sort of electronics. 
  3. Wood – this type of dunnage is used to protect heavy and high-end industrial products. 
  4. Air Pillows – the air pillows can be used inside the packages in order to restrict any sort of sliding or movement of the internal products or contents. These are primarily used for filling the empty spaces inside the box.
  5. Kraft Paper – It is basically recycled paper that is usually crinkled and stuffed in a package. There are many factors that make kraft papers more popular and they include being cheap, eco-friendly, recyclable, reusable, and most importantly, environment friendly. 
  6. Foam – Foam is used mainly to cover and protect electronic and fragile items from breaking. 

This article covered pretty much everything you need to know about dunnages in shipping. Right from the benefits to various types of it. I hope I can give you answers to each and every question of yours.