Things You Need To Know Before Buying Water Bottle Labels

Nowadays, the emerging needs of people would never turn a blind eye toward their health. Actually, labels play an amazingly important role in our lives. It’s absolutely important for bottled water to have a label.  The personalized water bottle labels will create a lasting impression and influence the general demographic.

These labels provide water with a flair for guests at parties or weddings. The personalised water bottles labels are less expensive than bottled water thus you can save money. These water bottle labels are waterproof, self-adhesive, and best to use for parties. Before you buy your water bottle labels here are some things you must know for a better experience.

There is no standard water bottle:

In general water bottles won’t come in a standard size or shape. Based on the requirements its sizes and shapes may differ. Different brand name water bottles come in the same size in fluid ounces, but they are different in heights, shapes, and circumferences. 

Ensure your bottle size before ordering your labels:

Obviously, you won’t buy anything without knowing its size or need; either it’s your shoes or shirts. So before buying water bottle labels ensures the water bottle size and needs. Keep in mind when selecting a size that you want the label to wrap completely around the bottle or partially around the bottle and also make sure that it has any ridges or a flat surface. By knowing this you can order and fit the labels easily to your water bottles

How to measure for custom water bottle labels:

Not only do the water bottles have different shapes and sizes, but their label panel is also different. The label panel is the area where your label fits. Make sure where the label can be placed on the water bottle and measure its height to order the significant size based on your needs.

Find out the circumference of your bottle:

Before ordering the label beside the height you also need to know the circumference of the bottle. You can measure it using a measuring tape and lay it against a ruler. There are different types of labels and select it accordingly that works best and fits your needs. 

Check for gaps or overlaps:

Make sure to check for gaps or overlaps and get the label size to achieve the look you want. Always prefer the label that overlaps slightly at the ends. When making your label artwork keep in mind that the label ends do overlap. 

Understand the personalized name labels:

  • The orientation of the label
  • The theme of the label
  • Font type and size
  • Color choices
  • Make your basic layout
  • Design label with eye-catching visual
  • Print a water-proof label

Wrapping it up:

If you are planning to buy the water bottle labels you want to do some research and due diligence. Personalize your water bottle labels by using creativity, and imagery words, and add a visual logo to those words. Consider the above things and look around to order the right one that suits your needs.