Best Tricks To Design Quality Bathrooms And Give Them A Bigger Look

You have been planning to venture out into the world of bathroom designs for a pretty long time. You have been working hard and planning to catch up with the best contractors to work on your bathroom renovations manly. If you have the money for that, you can definitely do it well. However, you need to be aware of the top designing tips, which can change the look and feel of your small bathroom to a completely new field. 

In case you have smaller bathrooms, trying to fit everything within that limited space seems to be a tough ordeal. It will make the space looks cluttered and won’t provide you with the relaxation. However, this is not the case if you can organize and style up your bathrooms well. There are specific designs available for smaller and bigger bathrooms. So, based on your bathroom’s current size, you can opt for the selected design.

Sink is always meant for the corner zone:

If you have a smaller bathroom, do not try to install sink in the middle of the bathroom. Try to place it at one corner. This way, you can utilize the corner space and have yourself a sink! You might not know this but sometimes a pedestal sink can disrupt the only possible available traffic lane in bathroom. Placing the sink in the corner, works a lot better when compared to shower. The closing the opening of shower door will create that awkward walking around scenarios. 

Proper use of the shower curtains:

If you can install any shower curtain, which will move back and forth, it will help to save a great deal of space when compared to glass doors. You can easily invest money on the shower tub combo. It can fit right into any possible small space. Some tubs can even come at 60 inches in length, which is perfect for the smaller bathrooms. 

Extending the counter over toilet:

You can opt for the banjo-styled arrangement for your bathroom with wooden or stone slabs. The extended counter happens to create enough space for some of the much needed items. Toilet placement is not likely to get affected and the look remains clean and minimalistic. So, that makes such bathroom renovations manly perfect for the smaller bathrooms out there. Make sure to get along with the professionals for some impeccable help with the counter design over the toilet.

Now for the vanity:

Just like any other bathroom accessories, you might want to spend some bucks on the vanity as well. If you do have space restriction in your bathroom, you can aim for the floating vanity for a change. It will not just make your bathroom looks a lot bigger, but mounting vanity above floor will free up the much needed space for covering with other smaller items. 

Moreover, always remember that tighter spots can always make those sharp corners end up in hazards. In case the corners of vanity get in the way, you can easily opt for the rounded style. Trying to catch up with the round vanity can always work out in available square space. There won’t be any place for the bruised up hips then.

Avoid the shower door:

If you own a bathroom, which is barely 5 feet wide, then you don’t have enough space to squeeze in a toilet along with a 30-60 inch tub. During such scenarios, always try to go for the glass panel in place of shower door. It will help to keep maximum water inside the shower and free up enough space for your space. 

Going for the larger scale pattern:

A wide stripe or large scale pattern will make your bathroom look expanded. It is going to trick your eyes well. Here, the square footage of your bathroom will remain the same, but the design will make it look a lot bigger than what it usually is. So, remember to keep this pattern in mind while renovating your old small bathroom.

These are few of the many designs you can try out, whenever the matter revolves around bathroom designs. In no time, you can change the look and size of a smaller bathroom to a completely new makeover. For that, it is not always needed to spend a hefty amount.