Advantages Of Timber Shutters

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Timber shutters or wooden shutters are made of basswood and are used for their sturdiness and strength. Another reason for the popularity of timber shutters in Manly is their thermal and sound insulation. They add a classic look to any room and are made of timber grown in cedar plantations across Australia. For quite a few years timber shutters in Manly and other parts of Australia have been widely used and are quite popular. 

History of timber shutters in Australia

Shutters came to be used in Australia when the glass was a luxury for Australians. Early settlers in Australia used shutters instead of window covers on their bush huts. They were also used in homesteads where timber shutters, also known as plantation-style shutters, were widely used to keep out the heat of the sun. With time, shutters came into vogue and were stylized more and more using different materials. Colonial style timber shutters in Manly and Deep South are still seen in many houses. 

Over the years styles and materials have evolved and Asian shutter designs have influenced the Australian shutters. While timber shutters are still a preferred choice, light-weight aluminium shutters are also dominating the market now. The market for different types of shutters is massive in Australia.

Benefits of timber shutters

There are several reasons why timber shutters are still the first choice for Australians. Here is a look at their benefits:

Provides privacy: Timber shutters are very good at increasing the privacy in your house, by completely shutting out the outside world. You can use louvres to adjust the shutters so that the light comes in, but nothing can be seen from outside.

Easy to maintain: One of the most appealing benefits of timber shutters in Manly is that they require very little maintenance. Just wiping them with a damp cloth brings back their shine and lustre. Curtains and blinds, on the other hand, tend to collect a lot of dust in a short span of time.

Thermal insulation: The primary benefit of timber shutters is that they provide sound and thermal insulation. When closed they do not allow any heat or sound to enter the room from outside and vice versa. In winters, timber shutters do not let the heat from inside go out.

Protection from UV rays: While sunshine is very important for health, it is also true that it has harmful ultraviolet rays that are not good for the skin. Timber shutters help to protect us from these harmful rays by blocking the sunlight.

Increased security: Most homeowners like to opt for timber shutters because they provide added security because of their sturdiness, heavyweight, and durability. You can go for holidays by just bolting your timber shutters in Manly.

Adding to the aesthetics: Timber shutters have a classic look that adds to the elegant look of your house. Apart from this, you can also customise them to suit the style and décor in your house.

These are some of the benefits of timber shutters that make them so popular in Australia.