Straight Drop Awnings- An Effective Way To Protect Your Home From Harsh Weather

Windows of our home often cause unwanted heat gain and heat loss. But installing awnings in the windows can help to improve the comfort of the home all around the year. And these can also help you cut down the power bills. Besides, installing awnings are one of the best options to choose if you want to make your patio or outdoor space useable throughout the year.

Then these are the perfect shades, which keep the windows covered. And awnings are also the ultimate solution to your issues, even if you want to keep the sunlight away. But if you can’t afford zip screens, you can install top straight drop awnings in Bondi. These awnings are budget-friendly and can offer you the best coverage.

In this type of awning, the fabric is not secured inside the channel. Instead, the fabric is secured in the zip screens. This thing results in the frequent movement of screen fabric in the windy weather. you install this awning on the patios or decks, a visible gap of light and wind remain between the fabric and the structure.

Here are the three popular styles of straight drop awnings in Bondi:

  1. Standard straight drop awning: It never needs channels or posts. When you fully roll down the awning, the fabric is fastened at the bottom either by using straps or clips.

  2. Zip channel awning: Here the fabric is held in the channels with the help of an internal zip. These systems successfully secure the fabric and keep it in the right place, even the weather is windy.

  3. Cable guide awning: This awning is available with a cable guide system. Here metal cables are available at the sides of the awnings where the fabrics are attached. This makes this system wind-resistant and sturdy. 

  • Why do people prefer straight drop awnings?
  1. These look visually appealing: The straight drop awnings in Bondi are installed outdoors and these hang from the top. So, the design and installation of this awning give the property a sleek and visually appealing appearance. Often these awnings work as temporarily built walls to protect the properties from outside harsh weather while offering privacy.

  2. These are very easy to use: These awnings are not only easy to use but also safe, especially if your kids play outside. You can operate these awnings using two styles. One of those is through motorization and another is through gearbox or manual operation.

  3. These awnings are long-lasting: These awnings are available with 5 years of warranty. As these are built using durable fabric and strong fitting material, so these last for a long time and offer complete protection from the harmful UV rays.

  4. These are available in different colors: The straight drop awnings in Bondi are available in a wide range of colors from which you can choose. And the best part of this color variation is that all these are primary colors (paperbark, slate grey, and black) that can effortlessly match the exterior colors of every home. Besides, you can also powder coat the hood, and rails can match the fabric.