What Tile Types Are There For Bathroom Remodeling?

Your bathroom will change into a completely new look when you have the best tiles for it. The right tiles can enhance the look of the bathroom and will make it pop out a bit more than what was before. So, without wasting any of your precious time, make sure to learn about the tile types more before focusing on the right bathroom renovations Brookvale here. There are so many tiles available, making it difficult to select anyone out of them. However, once you start learning about those tiles, you can gladly make the right decision later on for sure.

  • Starting off with vinyl tiles:

One of the most popular and common forms of bathroom flooring materials nowadays has to be vinyl tiles. It is lower in cost and will have higher practicality to it. This form of tile is well suitable for all kinds of bathrooms in your house. Right from the master bathroom to the powder room, it is meant for all.

This form of tile can easily beat all the other popular choices in the market, because of its comfort, safety, and durability. These tiles have now come a long way in their easy installation and proper aesthetic appeal. This material is subject to be self-adhering and you can use a utility knife to cut it.

  • Porcelain and ceramic tiles:

If your taste is associated with some tiles which look more or less like wood or stone or even the colorful penny tiles, then you can find some of the best offerings or ceramic or even porcelain tiles as the best bathroom flooring options. Ceramic is known for its higher maintenance but it is not going to be as comfortable to walk barefooted. 

At this stage, installing radiant floor heating can help to change all of that. But any hard surface will remain hard, no matter whether it is hot or not. Ceramic is also not that easy to install like the vinyl counterparts. These porcelain tiles happen to be harder when compared to clay-based tiles and might have one through-body color to it.

  • Glass tiles all along the way:

When it comes to the glass floor, then the aesthetic appeal turns out to be twofold in nature.  Here, one part of the floor will be covered in a thin glass layer, which helps to create that level of the illusion of depth. If proficiently tinted, you will end up with that amazing stained glass look. Make sure to install the glass tiles properly and this will help to hold up the tiles well. Just make sure to select textured glass for preventing slips.

Smaller glass tiles come in handy with various grout joints, which are proven to be slip-resistant in nature. After keeping these points in mind, try to customize the shower floor with some of the tiny glass squares for creating that perfect snowy feature.

  • The perfect stone tiles:

Stone tiles were sometimes confined to the foyer. But now, they have become popular in some other rooms, and even the bathroom spot. It is made from marble, granite, limestone, slate, and even more. Stone tiles are currently available in so many colors, starting from greens to gold, reds, blue shades, and more.

Just like the colors, you will love so many textures and that will include sandblasted, tumbled, etched, flames variations and so much more. Stone will need more maintenance when compared to ceramic tiles. All you have to do is just regularly clean and seal these tiles for a better option.

  • Plastic based laminated tiles:

Whenever you are aiming for the bathroom renovations brookvale, plastic laminated tiles can be a much-preferred choice, mainly when you are trying to remodel. This form of tile is more or less similar to that of the laminate material, which will be associated with covered kitchen countertops. These tiles will not raise the height of your bathroom floor and that makes the plan transition a lot easier from one room to another.

Even though these items are durable and pretty easy to clean, but the laminate will fall short when the matter revolves around moisture. Standing water can easily infiltrate the fiberboard core and cause the material to buckle and expand. Each tile has its own pros and cons. Choose your favorite one after learning more about them.