Safety measures for concrete cutting

Concrete cutters should have some knowledge and skill not only about the work they have to perform but also about some measures of safety. Safety has to be given more priority in any work so the contractors of concrete cutting and drilling should know how to minimize the risk of work. Here are some safety tips for you to consider when cutting and drilling concrete. 

Always wear protective gear

Before concrete cutting and drilling, always wear proper safety gear. This applies to the cutter as well as other persons who are working in that particular area. You should include goggles, clothing, and earplugs as adequate gear that is easy to dispose of and wash. You should also have steel-toed footwear and gloves. 

As much as possible reduce the dust

When concrete cutting and drilling, dust is a common hazard that occurs. Sand, concrete, and mortar carry silica which can lead to silicosis when inhaled. By using a wet cutting method keep everyone’s lungs clear. Also, use the local exhaust ventilation to maintain the minimum dust in the air. 

Know how to deal with interruptions

Chances are good at a particular point where you have to stop things to handle the other tasks. It may be anything like an emergency call which may distract your attention for a short time. In that case, make sure to completely switch off the concrete cutting and drilling tool and keep it safe in a place to avoid complications. 

concrete cutting and drilling

Ground all electric tools

If not managed properly electricity can also be a hazard, so remember to ensure that everything is insulated and grounded adequately when using electrical equipment. When using a wet concrete cutting and drilling method, you are not supposed to operate any electrical equipment. 

Monitor the rotation of your saw

You must possess some attention to the rotation angle of the saw always when it is being used. It is important to stay away from this region when concrete cutting and drilling is done. There are chances that the arc could surprise you, especially when you are operating a handheld saw which has to completely guide by hand.

You should never use cutting tools on the ladder or any other things which are relevant to that object. Make sure to have a solid platform which is constructed to allow you for safe operation, when you are supposed to cut concrete at a different elevation. 

Use the proper tools

It is one of the basic requirements to have the right tool to complete concrete cutting and drilling in a safe manner. An inappropriate tool can lead you to low production or potentially it may lead to downtime of the equipment. If the operator tries to push an under powered saw or drill beyond its capability then the inadequate powered equipment can also expose an operator to get a physical injury. 

End line

As the proverb says prevention is better than cure, it is always better to be preventive than to make it sense later. So mind all these safety measures while performing concrete cutting and drilling.