5 Problems In Babies That Can Cause Permanent Hearing Loss

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Hearing loss is one of the unfortunate but common problems in children that parents with normal hearing abilities may also face. When your get to know about it, you should not leave all hope, rather educate yourself to understand exactly what the reason behind the hearing issue with your child is and whether any possible treatments are available out there to treat those. Getting a hearing test in Orange done at the right time is the first step on your part as parents. In most cases, the issues of hearing loss among children are found after a long time. 

Educate yourself with some of the reasons for hearing loss of children to help them lead a normal life ignoring the fact that they cannot hear properly without any support. Read on.

Otitis Media – An infection in the middle ear that can cause temporary to permanent hearing loss among children. According to the audiologists carrying out the hearing test in Orange, it takes time for the Eustachian tubes (the connecting tube between the middle ear and nose) to be formed properly. That is why often the fluid builds up behind the eardrum area. Sometimes, the children cannot even express their discomfort or disability of hearing or any pain due to the infection. And, when it is left unattended like that for long, the children suffer.

Otosclerosis – It is an inherited condition where the nerves of the ear gradually stop working, Usually, the problem gets identified during the hearing test in Orange if done by the right audiologists. 

Birth Problem – Well, some babies are unfortunate as they are born with hearing issues. It is purely genetic. Usually, the hearing issue occurs during pregnancy and prenatal care. In various cases, it has been found out that if the pregnant mother has problems like diabetes or preeclampsia, the child is more likely to face hearing loss at birth issue. Also, according to the experts dealing with cases of a hearing test in Orange suggest that premature babies also stay at high risk of hearing loss. Birth asphyxia or lack of oxygen at the time of birth is another reason for hearing loss.

Infections in the Womb – In various situations, infections in the womb, or developed during childbirth like rubella or cytomegalovirus becomes responsible for causing hearing loss in the baby.

Injury – Severe head injuries can cause damage to the auditory nerves which are responsible for sending signals to the brain can lead to permanent hearing loss. Excessive exposure to loud noise or head surgery can also be responsible for such occasions.


So, what you should do in any of these cases? First, you should get the hearing test in Orange done by the experts as soon as possible. The early the better, in the case the problem is treatable. You must know that problems may occur later on as well. In that case, looking for signs and symptoms such as poor concentration, inattentiveness, speaking loudly, mispronouncing, watching television at high volume will be your first step for a better future for your child.