Things To Consider Before You Select The Upholstery Fabric

upholstery fabric

Selecting the right upholstery fabric for the armchair or sofa is one of the best parts of furniture buying. But this is a huge investment, and you do not want to be wrong. So, before making the selection, you must consider the following aspects, so you only choose the upholstery fabric that matches your lifestyle, taste, and needs.

1) Make sure you choose a durable fabric: The upholstery that you select should not only have an amazing design, but it should also be highly durable. Cotton works as an obvious choice here. But this is weaker than polyester and can be worn out easily. Also, look for an upholstery fabric that comes with some stain resistant properties. 

2) Opt for innovative colour schemes: The colour of your upholstery fabric must match with your living room décor. opt for modern hues on classical, vintage furniture items to get an edgy and urban vibe. Besides, go for a shade that would remain in fashion for the upcoming years.

3) Choose the right pattern: The patterns selected for the furniture enhances the geometry. The size of the room also plays an important role here. For instance, bold patterns are perfect for large rooms where mini patterns are ideal for smaller rooms.

4) Play with the textures: Apart from the patterns and shades, the texture of the upholstery fabric also plays an important role when choosing the right piece of upholstered furniture. You can keep things monotone with a single texture for all the furniture, or you can also mix things up with shiny, nubby, or matte fabrics with harder and coarser textiles for different furniture. The array and mix of textures in the living space ensure that the fabric will stand out with ease.

5) Select a trendy style: The upholstery fabric type that you select can speak volumes about the living space. For instance, silk exudes elegance and offers a luxurious and more formal setting. And linen is ideal for urban décor, and it creates a more casual and upbeat setting. But if you are not confident about experimenting, then opt for the easiest way by matching the fabric with the conventional furniture pieces.

6) Consider comfort as the key: As you will use the upholstered furniture often, therefore you have to choose the upholstery that is comfortable. Remember that both of your furniture and upholstery would complement your lifestyle and the way you use that.

7) Keep up the maintenance: Although the upholstery may look costly, if you do not maintain those properly, it will cost you a fortune of time and money to keep the cleanliness issue in proper check. So, before you purchase the fabric, ask the seller for a sample piece to check whether the fabric material is prone to duress. Besides, in case you suffer from dust allergies, then go for microfiber materials. These are perfect as these never attract dust. Apart from that, opt for a fabric that never attracts mildew in case you live in a place with exceptionally humid situations.