How To Clean Aluminium Toolboxes?

Aluminium toolboxes Sydney

If you have a semi-truck aluminium toolbox, it is essential to clean it frequently if you want to keep it in good condition for a long time. We know that your aluminium toolboxes can be very messy due to the weather conditions, the roads you are driving on, and the material you fill. Between the diamonds, the dirt, bird droppings, and road grime settle in, making a thorough cleaning a little more complicated than when the surface is flat. The following tips will help you in cleaning aluminium toolboxes in Sydney

Phosphoric Acid

Start by watering the surface to polish your aluminium toolbox. Before you begin working on it, make sure it is dry. To clean your toolbox, you will need phosphoric acid, nylon scrubbing pads, and metal polish. Depending on the size of the surface being cleaned, you would have to purchase several nylon scrubbing pads, and you can expect quite a few of them to go through. When dealing with the phosphoric acid compound, wear latex gloves and protective eyewear. When the residue dries, work the compound into the diamond-shaped treads. It will look white, but this is natural because the metal polish will finish off the look. Before applying the metal polish, spray with water and dry with towels. After application, clean the polish with a soft cloth.

Dish Soap

Pick up a bucket and fill it with warm water. Mix the water with the liquid dishwashing soap considered to be fat-fighting. Stir in the bath until the water and soap mix together. Wet your aluminium toolbox with plain water; using a gentle scrub brush with nylon bristles and dip it in soapy water. To avoid dirt on the inside, clean the surface of your aluminium toolboxes. Until all the soap is gone, rinse with water. Dry the plating with a cloth made of microfiber rag or chamois.


Fill the white vinegar spray bottle and spray your aluminium toolboxes. Do not spray the entire surface; to ensure the white vinegar does not dry, go section by section. Dip the white vinegar with a soft-bristle nylon scrub brush and scrub the diamond-plated surface. To get into difficult-to-reach places, you can also use a toothbrush. Apply a soft rag of aluminium with a wax coat, let it dry, and buff to a high gloss.

 Coca Cola

Pour a can of Cola onto the top of your aluminium toolbox and spread the cola evenly using a paper towel. Scrub a rigid scrub brush into the aluminium toolbox. You can see that the dirt is going to come off instantly. With plenty of clean water, rinse all your aluminium toolboxes and make sure no cola is left. Dry or allow to air dry with paper towels or a clean cotton rag. Enjoy your shiny aluminium toolbox now, and think for a second about what Cola does to your stomach.

You now have four choices for your multiple vehicles to clean your aluminium toolboxes in Sydney and let them shine.