Buy Wood Pallets – Recycled Or New?

buy wood pallets

A question often asked when it’s time to buy wood pallets is if one should consider recycled wooden pallets or new ones. However, both qualify the criteria of stacking, storing, protection, and other shipping needs. The only deal is the preferences of a business owner. So let’s understand the pros and cons of each of them one by one to help you decide what is best for you.

New wood pallets 

The main thing that makes new pallets differ from others is that they have never been used previously. From deriving wood from trees to going through other manufacturing processes, everything gets started from scratch, and there is nothing that gets reused. The only condition provided is that you have chosen a reliable company for the products. 

Pros of buying new wooden pallets:

  1. Fresh and more durable

As said that nothing gets reused in this case, so the signs of wear and tear will take longer to appear than the recycled pallets. So, when you buy wood pallets that are new, it will prevent you from any damage when dealing with heavy products in the long run.

  1. Easy availability of materials

Your number of orders for recycled pallets depends on how many pallets you have returned. So you can not order as many as you wish because of less availability of materials. It won’t be the case with new products as unlimited pieces can be made from fresh stock.

  1. Customizable

New wood pallets come with customization choices, unlike their recycled counterpart. You don’t have to worry about dimensions as you can get it all custom-built as per your requirements.


  1. Expensive

If you get everything fit and fine, it will sometimes fail in meeting your budget. So, if you have a tight pocket, you need to rethink while choosing new pallets.

  1. Not environment friendly

With every fresh order, you become a cause of cutting down more and more trees. So, when you buy new wood pallets, you fail at being environmentally friendly.

Recycled wood pallets

Recycled pallets are just the used pallets that get repaired and come back into use. These are also safe to use as the new pallets, though they consist of used parts. When you buy such wood pallets, make sure the company follows standards of recycled manufacturing.


  1. Saves your money

The main factor that makes you buy recycled wood pallets is budget. With no use of new parts, it will surely cost you less, and you can pick it considering your savings preferences.

  1. Fast availability

When you buy recycled wood pallets, it saves your time also, as orders get completed fast. It’s not the manufacturing of new items, but only repairing so quick delivery is obvious. 

  1. Environment-friendly

If your business promotes the motto of going green, then recycled wood pallets win here. So, whenever you choose to repair new pallets, you save at least a few trees and use the old products to their most. 


  1. Less durability

With fulfilling almost all the needs at a low cost, recycled wood pallets will only fail in the durability factor. It means you are already beginning with some wear, so if your preference is long-term use, you might not want to go with these.

Wrapping up

We can conclude that if your requirement is costly but a more customizable and durable option, choose new pallets. And if you consider the price factor that doesn’t harm the environment and won’t be a problem to your shipping needs as well, then buy wood pallets that have been recycled and made usable again.