Ways To Collect Autographed Soccer Memorabilia

soccer memorabilia

Sports lovers are not less around the world. Be a person of any age from a small kid to an elderly one, everyone loves sports. Many people love to maintain a collection of autographed Soccer Memorabilia because of their passion for the sport. If you wish to make a collection of your own, you must follow some tips to collect the memorabilia easily.

Here are a few tips to collect memorabilia:

Ways of collection:

There are two ways of collecting autographed soccer memorabilia. One of the ways is to obtain autographed soccer equipment or gear from the athlete. The other way is to purchase an already autographed one. Although the first way is quite tough, the affordable alternative is to make an effort for your own autographed memorabilia. Moreover, if you wish to sell the soccer memorabilia for some profit, you will have to get a certificate of authenticity for the same. On the contrary, it is easy to purchase autographed memorabilia, but the cost is a bit expensive. Also, you may end up buying the same from fraudulent sellers who sell fake memorabilia. So, it is totally up to you, which way you want to have memorabilia.

Types of memorabilia:

  • Photographs: One of the most common memorabilia are photographs. Photographs may either be of your favourite player or a scene from the game carrying the necessary signature. You may yourself take the photograph, purchase it, or win in a contest. If the memorabilia are a group photograph, you must have an enlarged copy to ensure that it can contain the signatures of all the members of the soccer team.
  • Soccer wear: A complete soccer outfit comprises- soccer shorts, top, and socks. A soccer uniform or shirt is one of the best soccer memorabilia as the athletes or their coach can autograph them with ease.
  • Shin guards: Although soccer balls, uniforms, and shoes are some of the common autographed memorabilia, shin guards with a signature are rare to find. You need to make efforts for this type of memorabilia.
  • Soccer ball: You can either obtain these memorabilia by personal effort or purchase it. Invest in the best soccer ball if you are planning to take the sign of your favourite athlete on a ball. You can choose the balls with the official size or weight imprint. You must have a soft-tip marker to take the signature as it is easily visible & writes well on the soccer balls.
  • Gloves: While only the goalkeepers wear gloves, you can expect only a goalkeeper to sign on these gloves. Similar to other memorabilia, you can obtain signatures on the gloves either through personal effort or purchase the same.


These are some of the types of memorabilia and the ways to collect them. For taking signatures personally, one needs to wait for an opportunity. However, purchasing this memorabilia is a better option. You may look for legit sellers of memorabilia and purchase from them instead of buying from the fraudulent ones at high costs.