Why Is Fabric Important In Interior Design?

interior design fabrics

Have you looked around the room and felt something is missing? Even with the right colour palette, furniture, and decorative pieces, the design might seem to go flat. Further, decorating rooms is not just choosing the right furniture piece or accessories. It is also about choosing the right fabrics. The interior design fabrics provide an appealing look for the homes. Besides, fabrics bring the texture that makes the room look bright and beautiful. 

The importance of texture in interior design

The texture is the sensations caused by the external surface received through the sense of touch. Moreover, texture helps to play a supporting role in the functioning of the room. It enhances and elevates the overall look of the room. Apart from balancing the room, it also adds a visual look to the rooms. Besides, the use of fabrics like a throw or pillow blankets helps in achieving the desired textures of the room. 

Fabrics available to decorate the rooms

There are so many interior design fabrics available to help make homes come out with the pop. Furthermore, the most important fabrics are cotton, linen, wool, and silk. Homes have a blend of both natural and synthetic fabrics. Cotton is so versatile and affordable making it a popular choice for upholstery and curtains. 

Another type is silk which is a popular choice but is expensive. It is used mostly in rugs and throws pillows. Linen gives such a casual appearance with a breezy feel. And linen is quite resistant to wrinkles and stains. Wool is the strongest fabric lasting for such a long time as the fabric is so warm and cozy. But as interior design fabrics, it can be itchy at times. Another fabric used in upholstery is polyester but it is difficult to clean the fabric. Besides, polyester is not as durable as wool and nylon. 

How to use interior design fabrics? 

Mixing of patterns and not coloursUsing too many colours in a single room can make it look hectic. Further, instil the vibe in the room by adding patterns. Make sure to add multiple patterns and solids falling within the same palettes.

The layering of textures: Since the fabrics come in various textures prefer a way of mixing and matching the same to get appropriate designs. Do the layering part to create a sense of contrast and it inspires the look in many ways.

What to look for in fabrics?

The fabric style should be harmonious to the style and character of the pieces of the house. A bolder pattern might work best in large rooms. Besides, fabrics are used only for fulfilling this expectation. But the fabrics must not fade quickly to maintain the look of the rooms. The decoration of the interiors of rooms works perfectly for rooms getting plenty of sunlight. And a room close to the window gets the right amount of beauty because of the fabrics. 

Pick up interior design fabrics you will love to build the colour scheme. Further, pick colours contrasting with each other like plum or yellow.