Why Is Bollard Installation In Sydney So Popular Amongst Business Owners?

bollard installation Sydney

Summary – In the past bollard installation, Sydney was only for government offices. Recently, several business owners have started using bollards for various reasons.

Running a business is stressful. There are always security threats, threats of lawsuits, and angry customers. These stresses have led many business owners to bollard installation in Sydney. So, what are bollards? Bollards are short and durable vertical posts that are used to secure vulnerable spaces. For instance, a strategic arrangement of bollards can easily secure a store’s perimeter from the threat of burglaries or shoplifters.

It’s fair to call bollards posts or barriers. You can see them surrounding government bodies, storefronts (especially stores that sell high-value products), parking lots, and presently in front of various types of businesses that want to offer security and safety to their clients. Here’s why different types of bollards are so popular amongst business owners – 

Pedestrian Guide Bollards

Several business owners and property managers are turning to bollard installation Sydney to offer pedestrians safety and security. Bollards can also beautify dull parking spaces or building complexes. More importantly, they can be used to create dedicated pathways for pedestrians to keep them from losing their tracks and walking into spaces they’re not supposed to walk into. Bollards can also be used to keep vehicles away from under-construction parking spots and lanes. 

Security Bollards

By far the most common type of bollard installation in Sydney, security bollards have helped business owners prevent countless burglaries and shoplifting incidents in the past three decades. 

  • A new “smash and grab” form of burglary was becoming increasingly popular in the city. 
  • Robbers would smash windows or doors of businesses, grab as many items as possible, and quickly escape.
  • With strategic placements of bollards, such types of burglary risks have been thwarted for good by business owners. 
  • Strong and robust bollards can prevent businesses from being victims of burglaries, shopliftings, and even terrorist attacks!
  • High-quality bollard installation Sydney is also the perfect way of protecting assets like ATM machines or freezers containing food items. If bollards are installed inside the stores and close to these ‘business assets’ no vehicle can rush in, steal or damage the asset, and escape. Even individuals will have trouble passing through complex arrangements of bollards. 

Security bollards may look like decorative items to customers, but they’re actually installed to protect highly vulnerable regions of businesses. For instance, many bollards are installed in storefronts jut to ensure cars or bikes don’t come near. 

Crash Prevention Bollards

Storefront crashes are extremely common. That’s why business owners are more than keen to invest in bollard installation in Sydney. Instead of allowing these crashes causing property damage or injuries, spending some money on safety bollards makes more sense for business owners. Crash prevention bollards are made of steel pipes or cast iron and are coloured with highly visible paint. They also serve as ideal structures for bikers and cyclists. They can tie their vehicles to these structures (with metal locks) and shop at stores conveniently. 

High-quality bollard installation Sydney doesn’t just add security to businesses; these structures also add brand appeal. That’s because customers are likelier to shop in stores that are secure!