What Is The Purpose Of Using Stone Retaining Walls?

Stone retaining walls

Many times, you have heard about retaining walls, but what are they in reality? To be precise, Stone Retaining Walls are structures that hold back the soil. At its mention, it might sound quite simple, but retaining walls are sophisticated pieces of engineering and they have been used since ancient times to enhance the productivity and aesthetics of the different types of property that are around.

It is quite common for commercial properties to have stone retaining walls since they benefit from these structures in more than one way.

In this article, we shall have a close look at some of the most important purposes of using retaining walls.

Enhances the Look of the Property

If you are able to select the right material for your retaining walls, chances are high that your property shall receive an aesthetic definition. For example, a curvilinear, architectural retaining wall can give your property a stunning look. Along with retaining walls, you can experiment even further by adding landscape lighting, appropriate plants, or even a set of one or two stairs. When you have all these in place, your property shall undoubtedly stand out in the crowd. Always remember that retaining walls can be useful devices to create interesting features in a property.

Helps to Create a Flat Area

There is no denying the fact that a flat ground is more useful than a steep one. And with the help of stone retaining walls, you can convert a steep ground into a flat one. Hence, it becomes easier to construct structures like a parking lot, sports ground, or buildings that would otherwise not have been possible.

Increases the usefulness of a Slope

There is no dearth of steep slopes across the globe but it’s difficult to practice farming on those steep slopes but with the help of retaining walls, converting the steep lands to farmlands is possible. The retaining walls can support the steps that are cut along the hilly terrain for the growth of plants. However, farmers are not the only ones who shall benefit from the terracing techniques, it can be used on a commercial property as well. It prevents the erosion of the land. At the same time, terracing also creates pedestrian access on the slopes.

Improves Accessibility for the Differently Abled

A prominent benefit of retaining walls is that most often they are used to create gently sloped ramps for smooth wheelchair access.

Improves the Drainage of the Area

Quite often it is seen that retaining walls are used to direct watering to a piece of property. At the same time, they may also be used to address slope issues near the water bodies. Nevertheless, if you plan to build retaining walls for any of these properties, ensure that you have the necessary permit since it requires multiple approvals from the concerned authorities.

Eases Maintenance

Another major advantage of having stone retaining walls is that they simplify the maintenance of a piece of land. It is because it is easier to maintain a flat land than the ones which have sharp steeps. Also, it can provide natural separation between the turfs and the beds.