Types Of Waterproofing Products With Their Benefits

waterproofing products

You know, just like you contemplate, think, and then select clothes for yourself, waterproofing products are no different. The purpose is what is important.

You have to know that not all waterproofing materials can be suitable for any purpose. Waterproofing is vital and can be great for your home, your vehicle, etc.

Understand and know your needs to choose the most appropriate waterproofing product for that particular cause. After you have established your purpose, waterproofing products can go a long way in fixing things right!

Below is a list of waterproofing products with their benefits.

  1. Polyurethane:
  • With so many products for waterproofing being available, Polyurethane, for many can be the best choice
  • This is one of the waterproofing materials that has innumerable benefits with no other substitute
  • This material can easily fill all the capillary cracks under no time
  • It will harden the concrete’s uppermost layer resulting in the formation of a hard crust
  • It does so by penetrating the surface very deeply


  • One of the most amazing benefits of Polyurethane is that it will resist water and not cause any risk due to a leak
  • Apart from resisting water, it also can resist oil, detergents, and other tough chemicals

2.Cementitious Coating:

  • Cementitious Coating is a powder containing organic and inorganic chemicals
  • It becomes a waterproofing product after the active ingredients combine with lime
  • A hydration reaction causes the conversion into waterproofing
  • Many technicians/workers use product among other waterproofing products as it is very easy to utilise
  • Many brands recommend mixing the coating with some tap water before applying
  • While others use an acrylic additive to create a durable coating


  • Extremely easy to use
  • Has the ability to provide a watertight seal that can stand for many years

3.Rubberized Asphalt:

  • Out of all the other waterproofing products, this product can keep your home safe from all unwanted elements
  • It is also used on the roofs of commercial businesses
  • This material is widely used in waterproofing bridges, plazas, and parking spaces


  • Rubberized Asphalt is extremely tough
  • It can withstand any calamity
  • It is flexible
  • Enhanced durability when used on concrete


  • Another popular waterproofing product is thermoplastic
  • It is one of the costliest waterproofing material
  • When Thermoplastic is heated correctly, it can transform from solid to semi-solid
  • Used more for pharmaceutical products


  • It is the strongest waterproofing product in the market
  • Can provide up to 50 years of durability
  • Works excellent on oil booms, spill protection, inflatable watercraft, etc

5.Bituminous Membrane:

  • Bituminous Membrane works excellent for many applications
  • Works great for both, commercial and residential buildings
  • This type of waterproofing is made by combining bitumen with a mixture of substance


  • Is not very expensive
  • Highly used in the construction of roofs

These are some of the most effective waterproofing products that an expert can try their hands on. They give excellent results. Also, it is important to know which product is suitable for which project.