Is A Kitchen Corner Pantry Solution Right For Your Kitchen?

Pantries became so popular after the 2000s that the majority of the homeowners started considering it as an important status symbol of a desirable kitchen. This article will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the neo-angle in-built corner and help you decide whether kitchen corner pantry solutions are right for your kitchen. 

Why are pantries important? 

  • Bid goodbye to cold rooms:-

Let’s face the truth; most people love to collect and store food. Back in the days, the only mean of food storage was the cold room, typically in the basement. You can store canned and preserved items in these typical cold rooms to carry your family members throughout the winter months.  With time, food storage gradually left the creepy basement and made its place into the kitchen. 

There might be several reasons as to why cold rooms gradually became obsolete. Homebuilding standards kept changing with each passing year, and it became impractical to construct a home with cold rooms, and it was also not very energy efficient. Moving the canned storage items from the basement to the kitchen also helped to improve the user experience. It can save you the time of traveling countless steps to the basement and again up to the kitchen. 

  • Bulk purchasing:-

The buying habits of the majority of consumers are changing with time. At present, you hardly purchase only what you need. Instead, you have adopted the bulk shopping or warehouse-style. With this changing pattern, the need for kitchen corner pantry solutions is also increasing. Who wants to buy a bottle of mustard sauce when you can have a huge supply for almost the same amount? 

  • Recycling opportunity:-

The need for household recycling is increasing with time. As recycling became more popular, the kitchen corner pantry became an obvious place to store empty cans, paper, plastic, and bottles. This is true to date. However, at present more and more people are incorporating to-bin recycle pullouts with their new kitchens. That is saving them valuable space in the pantry. 

Advantages of a corner pantry solution:-

There are numerous benefits of having kitchen corner pantry solutions. Some of the favorites are- 

  • They help you store tall items like taller boxes, small appliances, and brooms. 
  • It is less expensive to build a kitchen corner pantry than filling the space with countertops and cabinets. 
  • Some items are always left uncovered in your kitchen, and they make the whole place look cluttered. Having corner pantries is a great option to hide them. 
  • By installing a corner pantry, you eliminate the need to construct wall and base corner cabinets. This is both advantageous and disadvantageous for homeowners. However, the majority thinks that this is an advantage as they tend to dislike corner cabinets.  
  • Kitchen corner pantry solutions are more ergonomic as there are less bending and crawling involved. 

Bottom line:-

What remains the same is people increasing demand to store more food most effectively. Homeowners are also in constant demand of storing food more ergonomically, enjoying a better user experience. Keeping all such demands in mind, we can say that kitchen corner pantry solutions will not get extinct shortly.