Top 5 Floorboard Options For Every Home

Every homeowner looks forward to investing wisely when it comes to their homes. While there are a lot of floorboard options to enhance the beauty of their home, most people prefer timber floorboards over other options. Because of the beauty and durability of this floorboard, it is a favourite flooring material for most homeowners. Moreover, the affordability of this material makes it an ideal option now than ever before. Unlike carpets, these floors are easy to clean. Timber floors are smooth and do not hold dust particles or pet hairs onto them. Here are 5 amazing floorboard options for your home. 

  • Solid timber 

Made from solid hardwood planks, solid timber is very popular amongst homeowners and floorboard installation contractors. One may use it as a structural floor if it is very thick. Alternatively, you may install a thinner overlay timber flooring over the structural subfloor. The installation contractors of timber floorboards will fix solid timber flooring to the subfloor. They will then sand it and coat the floors on site. 

  • Bamboo flooring 

One of the most common types of flooring options is bamboo flooring. bamboo is a type of grass that people often group with timber floors. Bamboo flooring is available in a range of colours in the market and is hard-wearing. You may choose between ‘strand-woven bamboo flooring or engineered or laminate flooring styles. The strand-woven bamboo flooring involves the fusion of strips or strands of bamboo together to create aboard. Most flooring installation contractors float the bamboo floors over foam underway. 

  • Engineered timber 

This is yet another amazing flooring option for any home. It consists of a real timber veneer that lies over the supporting board. This supporting board is usually the plywood. The thickness of the veneer layer varies between 3 to 6 millimetres. One can either float the engineered timber floorboards on a foam underlay or fix them onto the subfloor. You may install the former over the existing floors like tiles. Most of the floorboards of engineered timber are pre-finished. This makes these floorboards quicker and easier to install in comparison to solid timber. 

  • Laminate flooring 

Laminate flooring comprises multiple layers of pressed wood. They are topped with timber’s photo image and then covered with a layer of tough and clear melamine plastic. This type of flooring is quite stable and offers a high surface. The recent styles have a special texture that mimics real timber. The floorboard installation contractors install laminate floors like the floating floor on the foam underlay. These floors do not require coating or sanding and are quick to install. 

  • Parquet flooring 

Made of small pieces of solid timber, parquetry lays down as flooring. You can create a range of patterns on this type of flooring. The contractor lay down this flooring piece by piece. This type of flooring is very unique and comes on a sheet. 


These are the various flooring options that you can install for your home. Choose the one that suits your budget and matches your choice.