Industries That Depend On Cheap Wooden Crates

cheap wooden crates

From packing electronic components to helping farmers pack their supplies, cheap wooden crates are extremely helpful to countless industries.

If wooden shipping crates were to cost just 5% more than they do now, several industries would be badly impacted. Countless industries depend on the customizability and cost-efficiency of cheap wooden crates to optimally address their packaging and transportation requirements. Be it delicate glass items or heavy industrial items – wood crates are the go-to packaging solutions for various industries. These crates are customizable, available in various specifications, and offer maximum protection to sensitive goods. No wonder these crates have been used for centuries and continue to be the leading packaging choice for countless businesses despite the advent of several technologically advanced packaging solutions! Here are the major industries that depend on lumber crates – 


The industrial and electrical equipment and machinery manufacturing industry depend on cheap wooden crates for all of their packaging requirements. Since wooden shipping crates are extremely cheap, these businesses get to cut down freight costs significantly while transporting heavy industrial equipment and machinery across borders. These crates are the go-to solution for the equipment and machinery manufacturing industry because –

  • They offer protection. Not only are lumber crates highly resilient, but they’re also airy and spacious. Hence, packaging experts can pack these wooden crates with various ‘stuffing’ items that add additional protection layers to sensitive goods.
  • You can customize a wooden crate in any shape or size to suit a sensitive piece of equipment or machinery’s unique packaging requirements. For instance, different parts of a complex piece of equipment will require customized packaging crates. Wooden crates can be customized very easily. 
  • Long track record of success. Every day, thousands of heavy and high-value equipment parts are transported worldwide using cheap wooden crates. This assurance of quality makes these packaging items much more appealing than relatively newer materials like MDF or plastic.

Some of the equipment manufacturing and assembly industries that use these crates include – airlines, cargo ships, the military, and the chemical industry. 

Transporting Custom-Sized Objects And Products

Sensitive items that are specially manufactured deserve the best protection when they’re being transported across the world. Fragile and customized items like musical equipment, wine glasses, paintings, etc. need to be stored in flexible packaging items that address their unique storage requirements. That’s exactly what cheap wooden crates offer – most of these crates are purpose-built to store very specific goods. Since wood is so easily customizable, facilitating the packaging of oddly shaped or rare items is very easy with wooden crates. Be it a twelve-foot telescope or motorcycle parts – when you ship with wooden crates, you can feel confident that your sensitive goods will be stored and transported safely. 

Agricultural Industry 

Agricultural harvests are transported using cheap wooden crates every day of the year. Most farmers are acclimatized to using these crates. Since wooden shipping crates can hold up to twice the amount of weight compared to plastic crates, farmers and food suppliers get to cut freight costs by packing their goods very tightly and safely. 

Non-wood packaging items don’t offer any advantage over sturdy wooden crates. That’s why businesses must partner with reliable wooden crate suppliers!