How To Get The Finest Commercial Upholstery For Your Furniture

How do some offices last twenty plus years without requiring major furniture updates? High-quality upholstery! If commercial upholstery confuses you, this article is for you.  

Even in small apartment homes, furniture pieces hold a lot of importance. They dictate comfort and impact interior design. So, imagine how much impact furniture pieces have on large commercial spaces. Offices have to create high-quality impressions on each visitor. Plus, commercial furniture items are typically more expensive than residential furniture. There are no instant removal or replacement options. Once businesses dedicate certain parts of their budgets to furniture pieces, those investments better pay off! 

But, some businesses are investing in the wrong direction. Instead of only investing in sturdy pieces of furniture, they should invest in the best-quality commercial upholstery. These stylized fabrics dictate how the office looks. More importantly, upholstery protects all pieces of commercial furniture from damage. These layers constantly come in touch with people and can get easily damaged.

Here’s how businesses should shop for commercial upholstery:

1. Don’t Under-Invest in Upholstery:

Much like every product in the world, commercial upholstery is as good as the money you pay. Sure, most office spaces can’t overspend on furniture, but they should go all out while shopping for upholstery materials. Bear in mind – the quality of your upholstery material will determine how long it lasts. 

Plus, top-quality upholstery materials are far more flexible. They’re functional, even after decades of use. Colours or designs on these materials may fade over time, but these materials never become inconvenient. That’s why saving up and choosing the best possible upholstery material that suits your commercial furniture pieces is vital. 

2. Make Long-Term Purchases:

Even if you’re scheduled for office relocation in the next five years, purchase commercial upholstery that’ll last for at least two decades. Don’t make the mistake of picking substandard upholsteries that lose their sheen after a few months of use. Additional cover materials can help protect your upholstered commercial furniture pieces. But, the upholstery materials you choose shouldn’t even require these additional protective layers. 

  • Always opt for upholsteries with patterns that are woven into the fabrics. Printed upholsteries are much weaker and don’t last as long.
  • The more tightly weaved the upholstery on your furniture, the longer it will last.
  • Fabrics with higher thread counts are also more durable. 

Of course, some factors that are out of anyone’s hands also determine the fate of your commercial upholstery. For instance, how you use the furniture, how frequently you use them, etc., are all important details. 

3. Hue and Colours:

Don’t think your commercial upholstery’s colour determines its performance? Think again! Some colours fade easier when exposed to sunlight. For instance, dark-coloured wool gets destroyed by the sun’s UV rays. 

Ideally, you want upholstery made of durable materials like corduroy or microfiber with light colours. The colour of your upholstery must also complement the interior design of your commercial spaces.

4. Stand Out or Blend In:

Lastly, the type of upholstery you choose should depend on its aesthetic purpose – should it stand out or camouflage with the rest of the office décor? If standing out is what you prefer, opt for bold and dramatic colours. If not, settle for fabrics with neutral shades and no patterns.