Advantages Of The Commercial Upright Freezer That Can Be Useful To Your Business

commercial upright freezer

It won’t be a mistake to say that commercial freezers are the oxygen of the food industry. Running the business would have been extremely difficult if you did not have the option to store bulk quantities of the various food products. If you own a retail store, then the commercial upright freezer must be the ideal appliance supporting your needs all the time. 

Of course, there is always controversy regarding the better suitability of the chest or upright freezer in the industry. To be honest, it depends more on the nature of your business and your needs to conclude which one will be the better option.


When a customer is trying to find a packet of sausages from the chest freezer, the person must look dig right through the items to check whether the packets are lying somewhere under the stock above. Also, the display is at the top only, making it impossible to apprehend what is there in the lower layers. 

On the contrary, it is easier to access the commercial upright freezer for any customer.

  • The upright structure helps in avoiding the dig-and-search method to locate an item.
  • The front part usually has a glass door. Your customer can easily see the products on the shelves and locate the item quickly from the stack.

Space occupancy:

Think of the horizontal chest freezer and then about your commercial space. Can you afford to block a considerable long section of the area to set up the freezer? Now consider installing the commercial upright freezer. It will occupy minimum floor space, even if you are buying the bigger models. You can even fit it in a corner space that would otherwise not have any utilization. For instance, a typical upright freezer of 22 cubic feet can cover only a floor space of 2.5 feet by 2. feet.  

Easy to organize:

Isn’t it easy to separate the different clothes and keep them inside the wardrobe when you have many shelves in it? The same applies to the freezers too. In the commercial upright freezer, you can find several shelves. So organizing the products and segregating the space for specific items will be easier. You can also tag the separate sections like milk, frozen meat, semi-cooked food, and more for the buyers’ convenience.

Installation and maintenance:

It is easier to install upright freezers than chest freezers. As it requires lower floor space, finding adequate room to keep, the freezer is never a significant factor. However, remember to check the placement so that you have enough room to swing open the doors fully. Maintaining the commercial upright freezer is also easy as you can put it on auto-defrost mode and then simply wipe down the entire space. But ensure that the upright model has the auto-defrost feature, which might be absent in some models.

There will always be some cons of every type of commercial freezer. But the upright freezers turn out to be the most complementing appliance when it comes to the food retail stores and the catering business.