Designing An Inspiring Interior With Beautiful Stone Feature Walls- Key Points to Consider

Walls of any building is the mirror. It showcases the beauty and décor of households. People often spend out large in decorating the interior and a major part of their expense lies in giving shape and design to the walls. The introduction of stones on the walls offers a splendid look and creates a great impact. According to one of the experts catering to the installation of Stone Feature Walls, the trick to a beautiful interior lies in not only selecting the right natural stones but also ensuring thorough blending with the rest of the furniture and décor.

So, if you are looking to upgrade those walls and make them a masterpiece, one needs to be very much particular about the elements that define décor. The WOW effect for the onlookers with the stone feature walls can be effective only when certain things are going to be considered. These are—

  • Retiling the walls if there are some flaws

Retiling, at the first instance, might sound boring and cost-intensive. Yes, it is but the aftereffects are going to be eye-soothing. A flawed installation is never effective and wanted. Therefore, going for one of the options from the available wide varieties of designs during retiling is a way of making the interior powerful and beautiful without losing out the touch of simplicity. As of now, the market is studded with beautiful patterns and colours of marble tiles and natural stones that help create dynamic designs. Therefore, going for retiling is considered a great choice for designing an inspiring interior.

  • Stone cladding an accent wall

If you are willing to give your house an interior that is both modern and wild, stone cladding is one of the best options. The stone feature walls help retain the natural look, make space visually appealing by creating out-of-the-box, interesting designs. Apart from this, the advancement in technology has opened gateways to thousands of options. One of them being the three-dimensional patterns that can be created using natural stones.

  • Sprucing up the dull areas

It is common human nature that people stress on things that tend to look beautiful and ignore the ones that might take time. But this should not happen when it is about designing an inspiring interior. Apart from redoing the interior walls, it is important to stress on sprucing up the dull areas as well. Picking up the right natural stones and arranging them to form a pattern- all help in sprucing up the dull looking, often neglected areas of the house/offices. Opting for the stone feature walls will add to the overall deluxe feeling of the house.

  • Giving a touch of sophistication with black stones

Black is a universal colour and irrespective of the form in which it is used, it adds to the beauty. Therefore, stone cladding walls with naturally occurring stones of black give the interior an ultimate touch of sophistication even if some of the complicated patterns are chosen.


Designing an interior can be tiring because it includes several aspects. However, sticking to some of the basics helps in getting the finish that one would always desire to have.