Factors That Play An Important Role In Your Flat Pack Kitchen Prices!

Flat Pack Kitchen Prices

As per the Housing Industry Association (HIA), the normal expense of kitchen installations or remodel is a whopping $26,280! So it’s little wonder that many budget-friendly renovators consider purchasing a Flat Pack Kitchen to get a good deal on labour by doing it without anyone else’s help. Flat Pack Kitchen Prices are quite less in contrast to an exclusively constructed kitchen, which is where an expert with experience, contacts and expertise plans your kitchen to your particular requirement and coordinates the undertaking for you. You can purchase flat-pack kitchens from major retailers, and they arrive in a noteworthy assortment of styles and finishes. Even though they’re planned and promoted as a ‘DIY’ alternative, you need time and the ability to amass and install it yourself. 

So is a Flat Pack Kitchen the correct choice for you? Continue reading to find out-

What are the factors that affect Flat Pack Kitchen Prices?

The pricing of a Flat Pack Kitchen renovation can change, depending on the style, layout designs, number and size of cabinets and drawers, finishing, hardware parts and the essential trades you choose.

  • A custom-made kitchen offers you a comprehensive bundle of consultation, design, construction and installation. 
  • Meanwhile, Flat-pack Kitchens are usually purchased individually in segments like – cabinets, accessories, doors, panels, benchtops and splashbacks etc. So, the Flat Pack Kitchen Prices totally depend on your selection.

Styles and customisation

You will discover offers on numerous alternatives to style your kitchen as per your taste. Stores are well-known for basic modular-style Flat Pack kitchens, with an assortment of styles in various colours and materials. Having multiple combinations allows customers to blend their different cabinet sizes to fit their space and then to select a door or drawer front to match their chosen style. Some stores even offer customers a cut-to-measure service – at an extra cost. Which increases your  Flat Pack Kitchen Prices but lets you change the width (not height) of selected doors, panels, benchtops and splashbacks to accommodate your space. 

Quality of materials

Even though there’s a multitude of styles and finishes to choose from, the materials used can have an impact on your  Flat Pack Kitchen Prices. Usually, Kitchen cabinets are made from a combination of particleboard and MDF, and hinges and essential hardware are from [China’s] DTC and [Germany’s] Hettich. Similarly, some cabinets are made from particleboard and melamine which use the German brand Blum for its hinges and drawers.


The design of your new kitchen should not only look good but also be functional. With recent innovations, stores now have instore and online 3D planning tools to help non-professionals design a kitchen, and they offer advice on how to make the most of your space. Getting the layout right is important to maximise space, functionality and to ensure a future-proof design. Most stores offer expert help for a fee adding to your Flat Pack Kitchen Prices. 

Buying process

Once a Flat Pack kitchen’s measurements have been checked, the design configured and style is chosen, all of the kitchen’s components – drawers, cabinets, etc. – are selected and ordered. You can order your kitchen directly or book an appointment with the store or online with one of our kitchen specialists to go through your arrangement to guarantee you have all you require and help you with the request. You can opt for home delivery straight to your door or pick up your order directly from the store all accounting for your Flat Pack Kitchen Prices. 


You can save a lot of money on labour installing your flat-pack kitchen if you’re handy with a hammer, know to use a drill and operate a jigsaw. There are many resources from manufacturers online that you can refer to for advice and instruction. But, be warned, installation isn’t for everyone. For people short on time, or who would find a big project like installing a kitchen daunting, employing a professional might be the best option. Sometimes there may be surprises related to plumbing and uneven floor surfaces which can be easily navigated with help of a professional which would further impact your  Flat Pack Kitchen Prices. The normal expense for installing a Flat Pack Kitchen is around $2800, in addition to plumbing costing roughly $800 and electrical work for around $800, totalling about $4500–5000.

Miscellaneous Expenses-

If you want a complete revamp check with the installer if they offer a rubbish removal service as well. You might want to apply new paint or tiling, if so it’s better to call a professional tiler or painter to get better results.

A basic guide to your Flat Pack Kitchen Prices-

A good Cabinetry can cost about $4500. Choosing a Caesarstone Quartz  Benchtop: $3600 (all-inclusive). Ceramic Flooring: $4500 (all inclusive) to tile approximately 40 square metres. Splashback for $600 and Lighting for $1000 (pendants and LED downlights). Taking help from an expert for installation: $4800. The total comes about $19000 which is way less than the average of 26,280! Ding-Ding-Ding, you save $7280!

Now that you know that Flat Pack Kitchen Prices are way lower than getting a customised overhaul, why wait? Contact your nearest Flat Pack Kitchen service provider or visit the nearest store and get your own Flat Pack Kitchen designed.