Learn About The Different Factors And Techniques That Can Have A Say In Your Land Clearing Cost!

land clearing cost

You can invest an enormous amount of energy investigating various approaches to things, but never forget the value of your non-sustainable asset: Time. Individuals investing in properties may track down that underdeveloped land, allowing them to build and develop. They perceive that one can increase the property value and get a tremendous profit from investment by transforming the space. Regardless of whether this isn’t your exact situation, you are here for the same reason as those colleagues: You are hoping to transform a piece of land into something unique. So, here is a Land Clearing Cost guide for landscapers to transform their land.

When property holders plan their dream outdoor space, most underestimate the Land Clearing Cost for landscaping. Land clearing is the process where trees, bushes and plants are removed from a territory. Particular machinery ranging from chainsaws to bulldozers, excavators, or other heavy machinery is utilised for excavation depending on the size of the area and the vegetation present. Rejuvenating your vision will regularly need the support of profoundly qualified, experienced and proficient arborists. The exact Land Clearing Cost for a new plan will rely on several factors such as;

  • The vegetation in the area.
  • The trees that will remain and how many have to be moved.
  • Size of trees in both height and circumference.
  • Species of the tree.
  • The area where they are located – Hills and dips.
  • The debris in the area like rocks that can cause damage to the equipment.

While hiring an arborist, do ask them these questions:

  • Are they licensed and insured? 
  • The time required for job completion? 
  • Provision for a written quote?
  • To whom do I can follow up?

What would be the overall Land Clearing Cost?

  • Clearing flat land with light vegetation and few trees can cost $20-$200 per acre.
  • Clearing more sloping land with overgrown brush and a few trees can cost $500-$2,000 per acre.
  • Clearing heavily wooded or bushland can cost $3,000-$6,000 or more an acre.

Some common Land Clearing techniques that can impact your Land Clearing Cost-

1- Cut and Grind-

The cut and grind technique is generally appropriate for properties with less number of trees. The first method of cut and grind is- The brush and weeds have to be removed. For which tools such as, a brush mower or root plough, could be used. After which large machinery is used to take trees down and put them in a heap. That way, it becomes simpler to move and process them later. Removal of the leftover stumps includes equipment such as backhoes, bulldozers and trucks. Alternatively, you can mulch the stumps and spread them across the land to improve the soil quality. The second method follows after everything becomes mulched.  Forestry mowers can bring everything down up to medium-sized trees and turn them into small pieces to spread across the land. With bigger trees, a stump grinder cuts tree stumps level with the topsoil so that they may deteriorate over the long haul. The Land Clearing Cost using this technique is the highest.

2- Pushover (Bulldozing)-

Pushover land clearing is when you push over large growth with huge, expensive machinery, leaving the roots intact. Bulldozers work best in small and medium-sized areas compared to specialized land clearing equipment. Again depending on the space and budget you’re working with. This technique utilises pushing over a large brush and trees and the holes that remain are then taken care of by the bulldozer. The disadvantage of this is that it can destroy your topsoil. If you choose the pushover method, do remember that bulldozing can decrease the value of the wood from your trees. If you are working with valuable hardwood, this method is not advisable.

3- Pulling-

Pulling involves using large anchor chains and tractors. You attach chains to whatever matter needs to be pulled, attach the chains to the tractor, and pull it away. Keep in mind that you can’t simply attach any chains to any tractor and expect to be able to move anything.

4- Pile and Burn-

If you have ever driven out in rural areas, you would have likely seen farmers utilizing the pile and burn method. It’s quite easy, cost-effective and timeless. In this technique, you clear out the land with a tractor or whatever else you may need. You then move everything collected into a pile after which you conduct a controlled burn. While this has been an age-old tradition, there are a few loopholes to this technique. The first being that if you are dealing with a large amount of material, then the fire will be very big which isn’t ideal in dry, windy climates. The second is if you are dealing with numerous giant tree roots, then burning may become difficult as soil clings to the roots of most plants. The final consideration is that burning some plants may be toxic and not to forget about air pollution. The Land Clearing Cost using Pile and burn may be the cheapest method of all the above, but it can turn into an extremely costly affair quite quickly if the fire spreads.

To Conclude

In recent times, there has been an increasing number of illegal Land Clearing which has led to a vast area being deforested. It’s important to preserve the flora and fauna. Only consider Land Clearing if you are going to build something in that area. Before continuing, one should have the required documents approved by their respective council. Hoping the above points have cleared all the doubts regarding the different factors and techniques that play a role in deciding the Land Clearing Cost.