All You Need To Know About Liquid Waterproofing Membrane- From Advantages To Uses

liquid waterproofing membrane

When it comes to protecting a building or structure from any type of leakages, a liquid waterproofing membrane comes in handy. It is applied at different possible spots of leakages to help extend life. With technology, the variants of liquid waterproofing have also changed. These have become more specific and are available in different types as per the usage and application.

The introduction of a liquid waterproofing membrane has changed the way water seepages and leakages were dealt with. It is a flexible membrane in the form of spray or tape that can be applied onto the surfaces of the podium, balconies, roofs, and many more. The best part is the availability in different forms. One can purchase it based on individual requirements and the type of material that is to be waterproofed- concrete, wood, bricks, etc. According to the professionals associated with the industry of liquid waterproofing membrane, it becomes a tough task to determine the type to be used. However, knowing the density of the liquid & the water traffic helps in purchasing the right liquid waterproofing membrane. Now let us lookout for some of the factors that define the purchase of this essential material.

Waterproofing Varies with Areas

Yes. You read it right. Waterproofing varies with region. Waterproofing in a rural area is not similar to that of an urban area. It depends on several underlying factors.

According to the experts who are in the field, the purchase of liquid waterproofing membrane depends on the type of locally available construction materials, nature of water, construction styles, temperature, and above all the local or regional problem. The construction of a building or structure in the rural region is definitely going to be very different from that of the urban areas.

Right Application of Waterproofing Material Stands Important

It is not only the purchase of the right liquid waterproofing material that stands important but also the application equally is important. The application should ensure structural integrity without disrupting the purpose.

However, the experts recommend following the instructions as given for the product. This will help address the problem effectively and efficiently.

Why Need Waterproofing?

Waterproofing stands important because it helps in preventing structural degradation with time. Though the materials used in the construction have a life period, exposure to water continuously leads to damage. The following are some of the reasons why liquid waterproofing membrane during the construction of a building stands so important—

  • The building becomes ready to fight the environmental humidity and as a result, there is no such decay that occurs within the structure with years.
  • Rainwater seepages do not occur in buildings when it is properly waterproofed.
  • Apart from this, there can be other natural elements that can cause a building to get damaged. In order to prevent this, waterproofing stands important.


The above-mentioned are some of the essential factors that define the importance of waterproofing. The use of the right liquid waterproofing membrane also stands important as it would define the effectiveness as a whole.