What You Should Know About Cardboard Shipping Boxes?

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Shipping is an essential part of the business. You have to send out what you have created to those meant to utilise it. For that to happen properly, shipping cartons exist. Every business needs shipping cartons regularly and they are more important than they might seem. An inferior box can cause harm to the goods being transported and thus the business as well. Here are the factors that one needs to keep in mind buying shipping cartons.

Packaging Requirements

The specifications of cardboard shipping boxes should always match the packaging requirements. Not all boxes can be used for every shipping. There are designated cartons for heavy-duty shipping and you can not use a standard carton for them. Similarly, using a heavy-duty carton for light items will be a waste of space and will increase your shipping expenses.

Shape And Size

The shape and the size of your box depend on what you are going to ship with it. Square and rectangle are two common shapes widely used. Items with longer shapes will not fit in square boxes that are too small. Similarly, shipping smaller shapes in boxes too big is wasteful. Your shipping charges will increase as they will cover more space. Your choice of shape and size of a box can either save or waste space and money.


Lightweight boxes are easier to carry and hence the better option if you are shipping items by yourself. Buying a heavy carton will only add to the weight of items thus causing plenty of inconveniences.

The material used and the construction technique implemented to determine if a box will fit the above preferences or not.


Characteristics of cardboard shipping boxes depend on the material they are made up of. They can either be simple paperboard products or corrugated boxes. Paperboard is extremely light and easy to carry. It is easy to print on but can’t protect the goods inside. Goods that aren’t too heavy and don’t need extra care can be shipped through these boxes without worrying.

Corrugated boxes are far more sturdy and durable than paperboard. They also withstand more impacts and protect what they are carrying. These boxes are the best for carrying fragile or heavy items. 


There are two ways of constructing cardboard shipping boxes. First up is single-walled boxes where only a single layer of cardboard is used. These boxes don’t provide much protection and are lightweight. They are fine for shipping items that are not easily damaged.

Double-walled boxes are created to ensure the safety and security of shipping items. Manufacturers use two layers of cardboard that make it strong but also heavier. Heavy-duty items should be shipped through these. 

Best Place To Buy Cardboard Shipping Boxes

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