3 Tips To Help You Clean And Maintain Your Deck

Decks are these extensions that we come up with in our existing house. It is this zone where you get to be laid back and lazy while putting in everything that makes you feel comfortable. It is the bridge between the indoors and the outdoors. 

Some like their decks to be at the back of the house while some like them in the front. Whatever it is, decks always add to the charm of your asset. Most decks are made up of timber and are something that takes up a lot of effort to ensure that it stays intact for years altogether as most often the deck is exposed to the changing weather conditions.

 The timber is chosen with care while that is done, there is always the need to maintain and clean the decks occasionally. The experts for timber decking in Sutherland Shire may do it but if you plan to take it up yourself, here are a few tips that you could follow. 

Start by sweeping the deck 

Since it is exposed to dust and dirt, it is likely that it holds up a lot of dirt, especially in the joints between two timber planks. When you sweep the deck while touching every nook and corner, ensure that you clean up all the possible loose dust and then continue with the other cleaning tasks. This helps you receive a clean area and not make things messy and mucky. 

Remove dirt from the corners and deck boards

The gap between two boards is known to hold up most of the dirt in the loose form or solidified. When you finish sweeping, get started with removing the dirt from in between the planks and clean it thoroughly. You could use a blunt knife and remove the dirt. Pay attention to corners and every possible gap as solidified dirt when in contact with liquids can result in the rotting of the timber underneath. You could consider using a pressure washer if you find it difficult to do it manually, especially when there is a large area to cover. 

Use approved deck cleaners 

Most cleaning liquids available at the stores are known to contain chemicals and are often manufactured keeping in mind the place where they would be used. When you make plans to buy a deck cleaning liquid, ensure that you read the labels well and that you do not end up buying anything that is inappropriate. Experts for decking in Sutherland Shire agree that since most timber decks have sealants on the top layer, using anything that has harsh chemicals that can damage the sealant shouldn’t be used. You will have to spend money all over again, and the entire thing would be time-consuming.       

While deck cleaning is to be done occasionally, checking the timber in case of any broken splinters or protruding nails allows you to stay away from accidents while ensuring the better longevity of the deck. Letting professionals clean your deck can bring you better results, but when you do not want them to be around, you can always follow these tips to ensure that the decks are in the best condition.