Stamped Overlay Is A Significant Part Of Concrete Resurfacing Sydney

Concrete resurfacing Sydney

You have seen so many people choosing the Concrete resurfacing Sydney option over others, and for some good reasons. Thanks to the advanced bonding properties, this type of concrete resurfacing are noted to last for quite some time. A properly resurfaced area can last for around 8 to 15 years, depending on the traffic of that place. Nowadays, because this method has gained quite some popularity, you will come across so many resurfacing options to check out. So, waste no time further and get right into details.

The art of stamped concrete overlay:

The stamped overlay is one significant part of Concrete resurfacing Sydney and will offer major aesthetic benefits of conventional stamped concrete. It is said to be applied over the current concrete. This type of stamped overlay will allow you to duplicate the texture and beauty of natural stone, wood, slate, brick and other materials without replacing the existing concrete you have!

  • If you want, you can use this stamped concrete overlay on new or existing concrete to cover interior or exterior surfaces.
  • If you want, you can add this type of Concrete resurfacing Sydney to walls and any other vertical surface.
  • These options are mainly popular for refreshing the current appearance of existing driveways, pool decks, floors and walkways.
  • So, before you opt for that stamped overlay, you are asked to consult a professional for determining if you can resurface the concrete successfully or not. 
  • In case the concrete you have is in bad shape with the severe settlement and large cracks, then resurfacing might not be a viable option to consider.

Ways to stamp the existing concrete:

In case you are aiming for Concrete resurfacing in Sydney, it is vital to know ways to stamp the existing concrete first. A stamped overlay will turn out to be durable, and it is pretty easy to maintain if you apply it properly. For the concrete to adhere successfully, you will have to prepare the current surface by cleaning it well, repairing the cracks first and then profiling. It helps in roughening the surface and then helps overlay the bond to the given concrete.

This kind of overlay mixture is mainly applied by gauge rake. It is one type of tool used in Concrete resurfacing in Sydney, which comes with an adjustable depth gauge for procuring uniform thickness of the topping. After the application, it will be imprinted with the texturing skin or stamping mats. The overlay thickness is likely to range from ¼ to 3/4 inch, and it depends solely on the imprint’s depth.

Be sure to check out the cost:

Don’t forget to check out the cost of the stamped overlay before moving forward with the next options. Most of the time, it is at the higher end of overlay products, which can easily range from $3 to $10 per square foot. Be sure to check out the labour cost of your area before aiming for Concrete resurfacing Sydney service. Depending on the labour cost, the final result is likely to differ a bit.