Top 5 Carpet Cleaning Methods Used By Professional Companies

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Carpet cleaning is not an easy task. In fact, there are various methods of carpet cleaning. Further, certain cleaners can be harmful to some fibres, while others may work wonders. Conduct preliminary conduct about the cleaning company and the best methods of carpet cleaning. Having a professional to do the work seems like the perfect thing. 

Few Carpet Cleaning Methods That Companies In Blacktown Use:

  • Dry Cleaning Method

Dry cleaning is the most carpet cleaning method as it takes less time for the carpets to dry. Likewise, a particular cleaning powder is used in the process that is sprinkled all over the carpet. It attracts the dirt automatically. After it has stayed in the carpet for a reasonable amount of time, the dirt is sucked by vacuum, making the carpet feel as good as new. This method works quite well with the oxygenated bubbles helping to lift the dirt off the base. But this method is not suitable for everyone and at every home.

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  • Steam Carpet Cleaning Method

This is one of the best-known methods, but it must be performed carefully. If water gets soaked to the pad of the carpet, the carpet can be damaged severely. Further, steam cleaning is an effective carpet cleaning technique but not frequently. Hot water extraction is done here where a powerful machine puts hot water and a cleanser is set to the carpet. The machine then extracts the dirt out of the carpets with powerful suction. 

  • Shampooing Carpets

This is the least effective method. The carpets are shampooed with formulated detergents and applied directly to the carpets. Besides, the professionals in carpet cleaning in Blacktown use machines to agitate the cleanser. Then the vacuum is used for extracting the cleanser to make the carpets look good as new. The use of formulated detergents makes the carpets seem bright and fresh. If the carpet cleaning is done for some special occasions, shampooing turns out to be the right choice. 

  • Foam Carpet Cleaning

This is yet another proper method, but it takes a little bit longer than shampooing. Likewise, a cleansing solution and water are applied to the carpet. The foam is used for removing the dirt from the carpets. It works well on the carpets, with the foam removing all the dust and dirt particles. The method works perfectly well on the stricter carpets due to the nature of the foam. 

  • Bonnet Carpet Cleaning

This carpet cleaning method is best for commercial buildings in Blacktown. It is not so effective with so much traffic on commercial buildings. This method helps the carpets look fresh and clean though some dirt might be lurking on the surfaces. The chemical agent is applied on the carpets, and a rotary machine with an absorbent pad is made to work all through the carpets. 

All the cleaning methods are not the same. Choose the style best fitting to the carpets in your homes and offices. Take care that the carpets are not disturbed during the carpet cleaning services in Blacktown. Different methods will affect the carpets in various ways.