Things That You Should Know Before Getting Timber Flooring

timber flooring in Castle Hill

In types of wooden flooring, there are two main types – engineered wood and solid wood. The companies that make these products process the solid timber flooring in Castle Hill from logs of solid wood. They also join them at a usual tongue and groove. They do this along both the short and long edges. The good thing about these floors is that you can sand them as many times as you need to. This makes sure that they last a long time. They make engineered wood floors from various layers with the top layer being that of a solid wood veneer. They make the lower layers in these cases, either from softwood or plywood.

The brand you are buying from

The thing with timber flooring at Castle Hill is that it does not come cheap. So, if you are spending money, you might as well do it with an established name that is sure to give you the greatest returns on your investment. This is especially true of markets where you do not have a lot of companies. Buying from a top brand also makes sure that you get great service. Therefore, these brands are always a safe bet. However, before you make any choice in this context, do some research and visit the showrooms.

The species of wood

When you think of timber flooring at Castle Hill, you have so many kinds of options nowadays. Some of these are dense and hard while others may be on the softer side, but that does not mean that they are not tough enough. These species have different properties, grain patterns, and colours. In exotic woods, the most prominent names are teak, Kayu Kuku, and African mahogany. Oak and walnut are the hardwoods that are used the most, which means they have the maximum acceptance in the industry. A splendid thing about these floors is that you can revamp them repeatedly.

The texture of the wood

The texture of the timber flooring at Castle Hill brings out the character in your interior décor. The good thing is that you have so many options in this context. You have wooden floors in smooth and clean textures and distressed ones. Apart from them, you have the brushed, sawn, and deep-brushed ones too. If you want, you can also get other textures such as burnt, stained, and smoked. You should always select the texture based on how you wish to use the space. For example, if you are picking timber floors for your kids’ room, go for cleaner textures.

Colour, appearance, and grain

Timber flooring at Castle Hill is available in a diverse array of species, finishes, and styles. Therefore, you would surely get a floor that would match the design of the room where you wish to install the same. Do your interiors have a vintage style? In that case, it would serve you best by using wide-plank floors that have a distressed appearance and fine-defined wood grains to go with the same. If you have conventional interiors, walnut and oak would be the smartest choices for you.