WHY It Is Mandatory To Get In Sydney Water Building Plan Approvals

Sydney Water Building Plan Approvals

In sydney, the building plan approvals have to cut through the tapestry of the government machinery. If you are planning to build or excavate next to the assets of Sydney Water, you should get t approval from them. The fact is that Sydney Water Building Plan Approvals has been providing potable water, wastewater and other services across New South Wales. Activities like fixing pipelines, constructing buildings and driveways and calling for and approval from them.

When To Get The Approval

If your porposed plans for constructing a new building involve the replacement of the pipelines laid by Sydney Water, you have no other way but to get the due approval from them in advance. In case the construction work starts sans approval, the builders will be heavily fined for reasons of unauthorised construction and recovery costs.  So it is only wise to get and prior approval to avoid unnecessary issues and legal action.

Common Building Plan Approvals

Even if it turns out to be project developers, they cannot pass the buck but to get the Sydney Water building plan approvals.

Moreover, there will be a situation in which Sydney Water services like potable water need. At this point,  the project developers should engage with the local Water Servicing Coordinators to monitor the work that needs approval. 

Dos And Don’ts Of Building Plan Approvals

Only when there is no immediate damage to the assets and services of Sydney Water will the builders or project developers be able to get the green signal with official approval and through other norms in place. Here the role of a Water Servicing Coordinator is of immense help. If the proposed building affects the assets of Sydney Water such as water pipelines and wastewater pipes, the Water Servicing Coordinator will in turn refer the building plan to Sydney Water. Immediately after the review, the authorities will send the approval norms to the Coordinator. Finally, the Water Servicing Coordinator helps fulfil the conditions and approves the plans.

Builders Vs Sydney Water

Sydney water strongly believes that any building or excavation and near its assets will only affect its services rendered to the people. However, utmost care and planning with forethought will definitely help ease the legal tension between the developers/builders and Sydney Water. On the positive side, useful tools like Service Location Diagrams and Sewerage Service Diagrams will go a long way in locating the assets of Sydney Water on the proposed land in advance so that a major looming legal crisis can be averted.

Your Unique Building Plans

An online assessment tool, the BASIX [Building Sustainability Index] plays an important role to reduce the water and energy consumption levels across the homes. Strict compliance with BASIX can be achieved by installing water harvesting taps and rainwater taps. No doubt such a clutter-free approach and environment-friendly attitude will only lead to the successful execution of your building plans.