Best Patio Designs In Sydney

patio designs Syndey

Most Sydney inhabitants prefer having a patio attached to their homes because not only do patios enhance the aesthetic and beauty of your home, but the generally pleasant weather Sydney gets throughout the year, can also be enjoyed in leisure on a patio. Patios are becoming more and more popular, especially in Sydney because of such reasons along with the increased propensity towards outdoor living. As we know Sydney people are quite aesthetically conscious, so having knowledge of patio designs in Syndey is essential for them to maintain the outward beauty of their homes.
Patio designs can be planned in multiple ways, as an extension of the house to enjoy any activity. Having a proper patio design in mind is essential, regardless of if you wish to have a patio design with a large, sprawling garden or a compact, cosy one. We surely hope this guide would be helpful for you to design a beautiful patio that would give a unique look and design to your Sydney house front.

It is important to choose a location before you can plan your patio designs. Generally, in Sydney houses have patios that are built adjacently but it is not necessary. You can choose a patio design that would suit any location around your house. Backyards are a great choice to have a lounging patio design. As patios are generally located outdoors, it is essential to choose a patio design while bearing in mind the weather conditions of your residence. Sydney is mostly warm and rainy throughout the year, with only a brief winter which is quite mild. So having a patio design that is covered or semi-covered and is able to withstand both rain and heat would be the best decision. This will ensure that you and the items you choose for the patio design are protected from heat and rain. 

The size of the patio is also another essential criterion you should keep in mind while designing. If you are designing a compact patio then Bistro nooks can be a great addition. This can be a cosy corner for enjoying a good book or a cuppa coffee. If you have ample space, you may arrange for separate seating areas. You can colour coordinate the patio rugs and chairs to give your patio design a personal touch. If you are always playing host to your family and friends, be sure to design your patio in a way so that it has plenty of both natural and artificial lighting and proper seating arrangements. An outdoor kitchen with grills would be a great addition as well. 

Garden patios are a great choice if you are one with a green thumb, so be sure to have a clear plan for the placement of your plants before you start designing. A garden patio can be open and without a roof. Even if your patio isn’t fully a garden, you can make rooms for plants, creepers/climbers, and succulents to add some greenery. You can also add various kinds of lighting to add some mood. String lights are an extremely common choice for patios, which offer a dim, dreamy glow and also adds a magical touch.
Fountains and fireplaces/firepits are quite commonly used as patio decoration. If you have a pool then the area around it would be a great choice for a patio as well. In such a case, you can add deck chairs and colour-coordinated tiles or pebbles to decorate the sides.