Tips On How To Select The Best Water Ski Rope!

Best Water ski ropes

Water Skiing opens a whole new door for fun activities on the water. In Australia, a massive chunk of families prefer water skiing on the weekend. Similarly, you will find many competitions for water skiing around the country. And it doesn’t matter if you have never waterskied before. With the right kind of training and good practice, you will get the knack of it in no time. 

However, many people get confused while selecting water ski rope for the first time. And you should take as much time you need on choosing the ideal water ski rope and handle. It will help avoid any possibilities of an accident when you water ski.    

Types Of Water Ski Rope

It’s pretty essential to know the types of ropes used in waterskiing. You will find all sorts of ropes for water-related activities and sports, such as water ski ropes, waterboarding ropes, kneeboard ropes, etc. However, when you talk about water ski rope, there are basically two types of options available to you. You can either opt for a single mainline rope or looped mainline ropes for your water skiing experience. 

So, Which Rope Suits You The Most? Let’s Find Out Below. 

  • Single Mainline Water Ski Rope:

In this, there is only a single rope in-between the handle and the towing boat. Usually, the rope’s length is around 70 ft which allows greater flexibility to the rider. Thus, if you are trying this sport for the first time, you should go for single mainline ropes.

  • Looped Mainline Water Ski Rope

You will see several colored rope sections at alternative lengths of the rope. A professional water skier uses such types of water ski rope for slalom courses, where you have to navigate through zig-zag patterns. These colored sections are detached or removed from the rope as per the rider’s preference. Thus, the rider increases speed while skiing on the water with ease!  

You can enjoy waterskiing at your local arenas or lakes, only when you have the suitable rope for it. Otherwise, you risk getting inflicted with severe and long-term injuries to yourself or other riders. Therefore, you should always see the specifications for each type of water ski rope before purchasing them. And to help you with this, we have given a few key details below.

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Specifications For Water Ski Ropes

  • The length of a standard rope is 70 feet. However, it goes up to 75 feet when you include its handle. 
  • Polypropylene material is used to manufacture these kinds of ropes. 
  • Due to this material, you will get a 2-3% stretch of its length. Elasticity helps to increase the speed or to turn while skiing on water. 
  • Similarly, this kind of rope absorbs shock as well. This feature comes in handy when you are doing side to side cutting. 
  • You will get ten coloured sections for taking off in a standard water ski rope! 

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