THE CONCEPT of photo booths has already started rocking parties and family functions worldwide. In fact, the so-called photo booth culture has been transforming in numerous ways. Magic mirror or magic mirror booth is the latest trend in the domain of photo booth. Like in the photo booth concept, a magic mirror has options like touchscreens.

All you have to do is simply strike a pose in front of the mirror. This magic mirror booth usually captures your full-length pictures with customisation options.

You Can Customise Your Photographs

ONCE you are done with your photo session, it is all about the output. You have an option called photo catcher where you can select the number of photocopies as you wish. Your photographs will be printed out by an enclosed printer in a few seconds. Yet, you have a lot of unique options to customise your photographs as described below:

  • You can add stamps or your signature to your photographs using the touchscreen or paint brush options
  • You can even superimpose beautiful messages on your snaps
  • You have a lot of on-screen digital props such as glasses, hats and emojis to add to your photographs

So you can capture your beautiful moments on the magic mirror that will bring amazing results to you in terms of beautifully customised photographs.

Using Magic Mirrors With Ease

HOW ABOUT the magic mirror models? What about the installation and transportation? Speaking of the versions, the magic mirror has now come up in two versions as explained below:

  • Magic mirror – flight case version: With a removable cover on the touchscreen, this model is being placed inside a large flight case. 
  • Selfie Magic Mirror – collapsible version: This model is portable. It can collapse into bags to be transported anywhere with ease

While installing this ultramodern magic mirror in your commercial places, you can install a coin acceptor along with the mirror. The whole coin acceptor set-up helps you to charge customers for use.

The Latest Magic Mirrors In Australia

THE trend of magic mirrors has been flourishing across Australia. With numerous options like customisation and taking multiple photographs at a time, the magic mirror booth has almost become a timeless attraction at all events. 

MOST people in Australia hire those modern magic mirror booths for various occasions/spots like weddings, birthday parties, shopping complexes and tourist spots. Consequently, they are able to delight their friends and relatives apart from making those special occasions memorable forever. As of now, there have been many companies involved in magic mirror booth services. Patronage is really good given various factors like uniqueness, quickness, safety and low budgets.

All For The Magic Mirrors

PEOPLE always tend to make their events entertaining and appealing. So they don’t mind spending a few bucks extra. But the magic mirror concept brings home larger benefits ranging from excitement to unlimited fun to affordable costs.

This is how people have started embracing the unique and innovative concept called magic mirror in Australia.