When you are executing a waterproofing concrete floor, waterproof grout sealer, masonry and other allied cement-based materials, you extend the life and durability of the structure. Whether you are conserving a cinder block wall, a concrete floor or poured concrete walls, preventing water from concrete is a prominent step towards better longevity. In some areas of the country, if you have masonry, concrete, or block walls, law and building code must be implemented to implement waterproofing Grout Sealer on these structural premises. A high-water table, flood-prone building area or high rain levels govern these peculiar types of waterproofing codes and protocol. In high-rise buildings, the entire substructures need to be waterproofed. These structures are load-bearing walls for spectacular heavy complexes and a material breakdown is unacceptable.

Water breaks and penetrates concrete down:

Water not only makes it appear to look bad, but it is also getting weaker. You would have possibly witnessed surface damage on a sidewalk or old mortar. The concrete erodes, exposing matrix materials as well as base concrete. In extreme cases and scenarios, water would destroy and damage concrete instantly. Still, generally, it requires a few years to start reflecting. If you observe damage on the surface of the concrete, it is safe to bet the underlying structure of your wall or floor is damaged as well. Suppose you wish to possess a waterproofing concrete floor project to maintain its strength and fresh appearance. In that case, you are required to essentially waterproof it. When you implement waterproofing concrete floor, you are actually shielding the re-bar inside the concrete from rusting as well as eroding.

Some other allied benefits of waterproofing concrete:

1) It prohibits mould as well as mildew from penetrating the walls as well as floors. This aspect facilitates waterproofing concrete floor essential to structural integrity as well as sound health

2) It eliminates maintenance costs as well as clean-up. With the assistance of waterproofing concrete floor structures, you possess much less work to be executed while cleaning up after a heavy rainstorm or flood. Essential maintenance is much easier. The waterproof factor, as well as parameter, fosters things clean

3) Waterproofing concrete floors, as well as walls, augment property value and worth. When the appropriate time arrives to sell the property, a waterproofed basement or sub-floor becomes a commendable selling point. No individual wishes to purchase a house cluttered with water problems.

Essential parameters to be executed before waterproofing concrete:

1) Ensure that the surface is clean as well as dry. Employ a scraper to get rid of old paint or wall/floor coverings. Sweep everything to ensure no dirt is hiding that you cannot observe. If the need arises, use warm water and soap blend to scrub walls or floors, ensuring to rinse after you scrub. Permit drying thoroughly.

2) Patch entire holes with a hydraulic expanding concrete mix. Permit the patches to dry thoroughly for a minimum period of twenty-four hours.

3)   Tape off all items extending onto the floor or the walls like stairs or electric boxes.


Waterproofing concrete floors is an intrinsic component of the construction aspect. It is an innate solution to eliminate permeability, shrinkage as well as chemical resistance and much more.

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