Assessing The Popularity Of Aluminium Slat Fencing Newcastle

High-quality slat fencing in Newcastle made of aluminium offers several advantages. Let’s assess the advantages to understand why these fencing structures are so popular. 

With so many homeowners buying new fences to place them around their homes, the residential fencing market has become a very interesting place. Despite all the different styles, materials, and designs on the offer, one type of fencing seems to be catching everyone’s eyes in the fencing market – aluminium slat fencing Newcastle. These unique fences consist of several horizontal boards. These boards offer protection, privacy, and various other benefits – 


Slat fences, in general, are extremely robust due to their unique designs. Even decades-old slat fencing Newcastle will look brand-new. The super-strong boards never crack, bend, or disintegrate. 

Easy to Fix

If one of your slats needs replacing, you can get a replacement that’s as strong (if not stronger) as the original. Slats don’t cost much. Once-in-a-year inspections are more than sufficient to maintain these fences. 


Slats made of timber wood or colourful aluminium look very attractive. They add a sense of sheen and royalistic appeal to homes. So, people who get slat fencing Newcastle also get to boost their curbs’ appeal along the way. 

Decent Privacy Solution 

Don’t let the small gaps in-between the slats think that these fences aren’t good enough to offer you and your family better levels of privacy. Although it’s true that these fences can be penetrated (relatively easily compared to fencing structures like chain link fences), they’re still great at keeping strangers or neighbours away from your property. 

Getting Slat Fencing – The Reasons to Avoid Wood

To understand the rising popularity of aluminium slat fencing Newcastle, we must assess the downfall of wooden slat fences – 

  • Maintaining or treating wood regularly aren’t activities that most homeowners enjoy. When not maintained properly, wooden slats can easily rot away, warp, shrink, and even worse – get infested by pests. 
  • Additional maintenance and preservation costs like yearly varnishing, repainting or changing the slats altogether take a toll on the budgets of many homeowners.
  • When wooden slat fences deteriorate rapidly, people from the neighbourhood complain. 
  • Contrary to belief, wood isn’t a healthier material for your fence. They’re treated with toxic chemicals to keep the pests away. So, the risk of kids or pets chewing away at your semi-toxic fences is ever-present for wooden slat fence owners. 
  • Some types of wood are extremely heavy and hard to install. 

Aluminium – The New “King” Material for Security Fences 

  • Aluminium slat fencing has come a long way over the last two decades. They can be even made to look as realistic as natural timber! Other than aesthetic advantages, aluminium slat fencing Newcastle also offers – 
  • Cost-effectiveness. Aluminium is cheaper than wood. 
  • Low maintenance. Aluminium fences are maintenance-free. They don’t require special coatings or regular polishing to maintain their shine and strength. 
  • Aluminium fencing is more family-friendly than fences made of treated wood as the material contains zero toxic materials. All of your pets, veggie patches, and children are safe around these fences. 

Most importantlyaluminium slat fences are life-long investments. Your aluminium slat fencing Newcastle won’t rust, erode, or disintegrate over time.