Design Combinations Every Top Wall And Floor Tiler Sydney Recommends

Summary – The best wall and floor tiler Sydney can transform your home. Here are the different wall and floor tile combination options that homeowners need to consider.

The best thing about partnering with a wall and floor tiler Sydney is that these experts can truly transform the way your home looks, feels, and functions. In the tile market, there’s no shortage in terms of design and style options. That’s why it’s quite normal for new homeowners to feel confused in the tile market. 

Starting a bathroom renovation/remodelling project can be overwhelming. Choosing between different tile combinations makes the process even trickier. That’s why we are listing some of the best tile design combination that every top wall and floor tiler Sydney recommends. Here are some tried and tested wall and floor tile design combinations that every homeowner should consider – 

Picking Two Completely Contrasting Colours 

Homeowners who want their rooms to create a ‘shock and awe’ effect on visitors love combining contrasting colours. As bold as the move may seem, wall and floor tiles with contrasting colours never fail to make big impacts on visitors. For example, let’s say your walls have lighter shades. Why not ask your wall and floor tiler, Sydney, to add dark-coloured tiles?

The white or black tiles will serve as ideal backdrops for wall hangings or furniture pieces. Of course, homeowners can choose a plethora of colour combinations (other than black and white) to create a contrasting effect. Some popularly used colour schemes in such combinations include – 

  • Wood-coloured floor tiles with white tiles on the walls.
  • Light blue-coloured wall tiles with white-coloured floor tiles. 
  • Grey and white coloured wall tiles with dark magenta-coloured floor tiles.

Monochromatic Combinations

Homeowners who want to add more dimension to their walls and floors should consider getting a clean, monochromatic colour design. A top wall and floor tiler Sydney can even incorporate tiles with different finishes, sizes, and shapes into these designs. A monochromatic tile arrangement may look something like this – 

White-coloured ceramic tiles on the walls

  • Porcelain tiles with lighter colours on bathroom walls.
  • Porcelain floor tiles with darker shades for the living room.
  • Marble trim pieces of different colours spread across the house. 

These combinations may sound absurd, but a top wall and floor tiler Sydney can easily unite these uniquely coloured tiles made of different materials in a cohesive way, making your home look unique. 

Experiment with Mosaics

Of late, mosaic tiles have become extremely popular. So, homeowners who want only mosaic tiles in their homes can combine different types of mosaics and create a unique looking home – 

  • Glass mosaics are reflective, so they immediately add space and depth to small rooms. They perfectly compliment all types of tiles with glossy finishes (ceramic or natural stone tiles).
  • Natural stone mosaics make regular rooms feel like spas! A top wall and floor tiler Sydney will recommend combining natural stone mosaics with natural stone tiles like travertine tiles.
  • Ceramic mosaics are available in countless different colours and finishes, so they’re very easy to combine with other types of tiles. 

Your bathroom will only be tiled once, so experiment with different tile samples before deciding on a combination that suits your aesthetic and functional requirements!