The Dangers Of Cheap Paint – Here’s What Experts Of House Painting Frenchs Forest Don’t Want Homeowners To Do

house painting Frenchs Forest

There are many practical methods of cutting costs while getting house painting in Frenchs Forest. Using cheap paints shouldn’t be a method that homeowners should consider. Here’s why. 

Homeowners face several dilemmas during home renovation projects. If you’re getting house painting Frenchs Forest, the main dilemma you’ll have to deal with is quite simple – save money and opt for the lowest priced paints on the shelf, or opt for the highest-quality paints that are extremely durable but cost a lot? 

It’s easy to say the latter option is better

But, when homeowners are operating on a budget and desperately need to repaint their kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, and the houses’ exterior regions, the cost of the overall house painting work matters a lot. Getting just a 15% discount on each box of paint can dramatically cut down overall project fees. 

Let’s assess cheap paints and compare them to the most expensive paint options in the market- 

Cheap Paint – Why is it Cheap?  

  • Although health experts have stated cheaper paints are unsafe, they continue to attract takers because of the massive upfront bonus – the low cost. Plus, the more low-cost paint you purchase, the bigger discounts you get. However, these types of paints are not suitable for professional house painters’ exterior projects.
  • Less-expensive paint usually has very low solids content. The extra-thin paint is unable to provide uniform coverage. That’s why these paints should never be used to paint the exterior regions of the home. Uneven patches are almost guaranteed when you’re trying to cover large surface areas with non-dense paints. 

Expensive Paint – What Makes It Expensive? 

  • Expensive paint addresses the one major flaw that we find in low-cost paints – they offer far better coverage. Professional providers of house painting Frenchs Forest prefer to work with expensive paints because it makes their job easier. All paints are made of binders, pigments, and solvents (either water or alkyds). 
  • Solvents dissipate once the paint starts drying, leaving the pigments and binders behind. Both of these hold each other together. Expensive paints contain large amounts of binders and pigments. 
  • That’s why better coverage is guaranteed when you’re using slightly more expensive paints. That’s also why professional house painters’ exterior prefers using them for large-scale projects.

The Risk of Volatile Organic Compounds

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are another set of components found in both expensive and inexpensive paints. Ever wonder why professional house painting work involves the use of safety masks? It’s to prevent the painters from VOC exposure.

  • VOCs are released into the atmosphere as gases can be inhaled by workers; inhaling organic chemicals is very dangerous. 
  • VOC exposure leads to irritation of the eyes, headaches, light-headedness, nausea, and several other short and long-term breathing problems.
  • The best providers of house painting Frenchs Forest will never use high-VOC paints as doing so affects the health of workers.

Thankfully, there are several low-VOC and even some no-VOC paint products on the market. However, these purely water-based paints cost more than VOC or lead-based paints. 

Homes that feature these types of paints belong in the 1970s. Modern-day homeowners have no business using these health-damaging paints in their home improvement projects! 

Expensive paints aren’t just more durable and easy to apply – they’re also healthier for homeowners.