Going For Toyota Car Service Artarmon For Alternator Issues

If you are familiar with the alternator of your car, you might also know that it can develop some issues. The alternator keeps the battery charged allowing you to use the accessories, headlights, and radio. Your car may not start or fail to stay on if there are issues in the alternator. A few cars have warning signs for ailing alternators but the battery light also indicates that your Toyota vehicle requires maintenance and repair. 

What are the warning signs in the alternator before you go for Toyota car service Artarmon

  • Low battery lights

When the alternator does not work adequately, the voltage that your electronic accessories obtain is insufficient. It may be an under or over-performing equipment, such as too bright or dim headlights. Apart from this, you may also notice flickering lights that function erratically from bright to dim or the other way round. If the system of your car does not get enough power, you may need to take it to a service center for repair.

  • Problems in the battery

If you keep the headlights on accidentally for an entire night, the battery of your car can reach the end of its life suddenly. However, malfunction in the battery or a dead battery may be the consequence of alternator failure. With malfunction in the alternator, the battery may not get enough charge when the engine runs, causing it to deplete faster than usual. 

You can check the battery functioning with a jumpstart and check whether it stays running or stops after a few minutes. The latter indicates that the alternator may not be giving adequate power to the battery. So, when you face trouble while starting the car even when the battery is in good shape, it indicates malfunction in the alternator. Taking your vehicle to a reliable Toyota car service Artarmon can help get a better standing as far as repair is concerned. 

  • Stalling becomes frequent

You are already aware that trouble in starting the engine is an indicator of problems in the alternator when it fails to charge the battery. Therefore, when you start the ignition key, all you may hear is a clicking sound instead of the usual sound of the engine. Besides, if the car comes to a halt frequently when you drive, the spark plugs may not get adequate power from the alternator to allow the engine to run smoothly. 

  • Burning smell in the running car

You need to prepare to visit Toyota car service Artarmon when you smell something burning in a running engine. The alternator has belts associated with it. When the belts do not work properly or turn as they should, it results in friction and eventually creates a weird burning smell. Luckily, you must have a good mechanic taking care of your car to avoid the issue in the alternator from deepening further. 

  • Weird noises

Your car may make dozens of sounds; while some of these sounds are harmless, the rest may be a reason to worry. For instance, growling or whining sounds coming from below the hood also indicates an issue in the alternator. The growling sounds may occur due to misalignment of belts around the pulley of the alternator. 

You need to look for the abovementioned signs before taking your car to the mechanic.