Analyzing The Different Types Of Sealer And Coating Remover And Their Usefulness

If you ask anyone who has already stripped a coating or a sealer from a concrete surface about their experience, you will get a common reply- misery and only misery. It is the general reaction, and the miserable flooring professionals can seldom describe verbally how difficult it is to remove the old, worn-out, and failing coatings and sealers from the concrete ranks.

  1. Mechanical: here, the flooring professionals will grind, blast, or perform sanding to remove the coating.
  2. Chemical: in this case, the professionals will use chemical strippers to remove the coating. 

Both the methods will work. But the mechanical method is not the preferred way as it can damage the surface to such a point that you can no more apply the translucent finishing on the surface. Also, there will be the production of considerable noise and huge volumes of dust. That is why the chemical sealer and coating remover are the ideal solutions to the issue.

Types of sealer removers

You will find three categories of chemical strippers in the market.

  1. Caustic
  2. Biochemical
  3. Solvent-based

You can procure all three types: concrete distribution houses, hardware stores, big-box outlets, and even specialty paint stores. 

  • Regardless of the brand you buy, the sealer and coating remover will always contain harsh chemicals. So beware while using the materials as the exposure can be dangerous. It is better to follow all the safety guidelines as per the directive from the manufacturer. 
  • Even the latest green or environment-friendly strippers will also contain chemicals, which can affect your health. 

It is vital to handle the products carefully to avoid unnecessary exposure. If you accidentally swallow or it goes into the eyes, it is feasible to visit the doctor at the soonest.

  1. Caustic strippers

These contain strong alkali chemicals, and the high pH of the alkali destroys the coating film and allows easy removal from the substrate. It is the best option while removing alkyds, latex, or enamel paint from the concrete surface.

  1. Solvent-based strippers

The solvent-based sealer and coating remover is the most common type of stripper that is in use these days. The sole reason for their popularity is the quick effect. Also, a small quantity can go a long way in removing the coats. Methylene-chloride-based removers are very effective and will work well if you have a resin-type surface with equivalent thickness.

  1. Biochemical strippers

These are the latest additions to the sealer and coating remover listwith the popularity is growing steadily. As these hail from natural plant materials, the sustainability is high with very low environmental impact. These are devoid of harsh caustic chemicals and solvents. The material is the least aggressive too. 

So, after reading this, you can analyze the various aspects of the removers and then make the selection wisely.